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Complete F.A Q Guide to Micro-Segmentation

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Traditional network-based security management system is no longer working today. These days attackers can go through so many new breaches it is unbelievable. Micro-segmentation lets the business inherently divide the data centre into distinctive security parts down to the individual work capacity. 

In doing this, you can define your network’s security controls and control each unique segment individually. Doing this, you can heavily restrict an attacker’scapacity to move between data centres. 

Even if there is a perimeter breach, the attacker will not have access to the micro-segments of your data centre. 

What is Micro-Segmentation?

 Micro-segmentation is the system of setting up granular security policies for character or logically grouped capacities.

Micro-segmentation also is the most widely accepted way and best-practice network security solution. It helps to secure data centres, with a zero-trust security protocol for all centres. It helps you dictate which applications will and will not communicate. 

And, unauthorized communication always just blocked, however it additionally triggers an alert to the administrator of the network system.  

Micro-Segmentation F. A. Q’s

Will Micro-Segmentation Make My Firewall Effective? 

Micro-segmentation de-clutters your firewalls making them more effective against unforeseen attacks. In turn, increasing the efficiency of your firewalls on your network security system. 

Is it Required for My Firewall to be Automated for Micro-Segmentation?

In a way yes. Managing firewalls manually is very time consuming and slows the whole network system down. A well automated firewall works best to locate threats. 

Does Micro-Segmentation Keep Security Policies Validate? 

With Micro-segmentation you are not just increasing the productivity of your firewall, you are also keeping them updated and unaffected by each data centre. In turn, validating all your network security policies. 

Why Must I Discover Network Communications?

Think of this, when you are introducing a new network policy and you are not updated with the existing network communication. What do you do when one of them malfunctions? And, this is exactly why having micro-segmentation allows you to read every data centre and network communication individually. 

Alongside, it also helps you create more efficient network security policies that are custom made for your business only. 

In conclusion, it is a complete journey when you implement micro-segmentation. When you set the goals for your micro-segment sin your data centre you can read and see the key priorities. 

This helps your IT team stay prepared with all their policies in case of an unprecedented attack. Dramatically reducing the chances of your network security failing, you can have a power boost control over what data gets in and out of your network security systems. 

It takes a bit of handy work with Micro-segmentation and your IT in no time will be well equipped. 


In the end, Micro-Segmentation is designed to not just be the health care package for your business’s entire network security system. But, also help your IT team build a strong defence against attacks. Your network security system is the only funnel that runs the data flow of your business. 

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