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8 Way to Power Your Home with Renewable Energy

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Many homeowners strive to cut down energy costs by being self-disciplined. However, you can make investments to help cut down costs in the home and even business place through the use of renewable energy. As the world continues to turn green to combat global warming, investing in green options can help you eliminate some monthly utility bills and be cost-effective in the long-term.

In this article, we discuss eight ways you can power your home with renewable energy.

Solar Air Conditioning

Solar air conditioning is all the rage right now because many people are striving to reduce the amount of electricity that conventional air conditioning models use. It may be peculiar to think of the sun being used to cool, but a solar air conditioner does exactly that-utilizing the sun’s energy to cool the home.

This solution is especially applicable for those who live in hot climates and is also suitable during the summer months when there is more need for cooling.

There are different types of solar air conditioners Singapore, including the solar hybrid air conditioner that can be used to cool the home efficiently. You can view website to see which options are the best for you.


This solution works great for those who have a flowing water source on their properties. It involves diverting some or all of the source’s water, so it flows through a turbine and, in return, powers the home.

To efficiently utilize hydropower, find the largest vertical distance that the water travels and divert it to a turbine to produce a substantial amount of power. Note that it is not easy to install hydropower plants, and you may need the intervention of a professional. Hydropower is continuous and stable, and you will not have to worry about possible input like you would with wind and solar.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are the first thing that comes into anybody’s mind at the mention of renewable energy. Solar panels can be installed on the roof or yard for maximum results. A solar panel can help you generate up to 10 kilowatts per square foot depending on the panels’ orientation and the latitude. Since one household consumes approximately a kilowatt, having a few square feet of panels will work just right to fulfill your household’s needs.

Alternatively, you can install solar shingles if the lifespan of your roof is coming to an end. This invention is handy because the shingles will simply take the place of your roof tiles.

Residential Wind Turbines

For most people, harnessing wind energy brings a picture of gigantic turbines located in vast fields. However, harnessing wind energy does not necessarily need the intervention of enormous turbines. Small turbines can be used to harness wind energy for use in your home, especially if you reside in a windy place. Professional installation, in this case, goes a long way to ensure that the turbine is placed in a safe space where wind can easily reach it.

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Geothermal Energy

This is the type of energy derived from the earth’s core, with little to no greenhouse gas emissions. Geothermal heat pumps utilize 25 to 50% less electricity compared to other HVAC systems. Geothermal hardware requires less space and can be refitted into areas where there are existing systems.

These systems feature condensing components that work to ensure that there is no noise outside the house. Further, you can be able to maintain up to 50% relative indoor humidity by utilizing this green energy source.

Solar and Wind Hybrid Systems

There are places with sunny days and windy nights. If this sounds like your place of residence, you might consider installing a hybrid system that will utilize the sun and wind in equal measure.

This handy combination will ensure that you can generate clean, renewable energy from your home round the clock. With the addition of a home battery, there is a chance that you could completely disconnect from the grid.

Solar Water Heaters

This is an idea that can come in handy for those with sufficient roof space but not enough financially to install a full solar panel system. It is cheaper and can help you capture some free energy while reducing the amount of energy used to heat water in the home.

The tank is installed on the roof as well. So be ready for your roof to look a little bulky.

Solar ovens

The beauty of solar energy is that it can be used to power several components in the home, even when the budget is restrictive.

The idea of using a solar oven is feasible because solar ovens consume a significant amount of electricity. All you need is a solar oven that works by trapping sunlight. You can then use the energy to heat your food.

You can buy a solar oven, or you can invest in a do-it-yourself model. You can use your solar oven during a power outage or just as an alternative for your cooking.


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