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New Bathroom: Questions to Ask Before Remodeling Your Master Bathroom

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New Bathroom: Questions to Ask Before Remodeling Your Master Bathroom

The decision to remodel your master bathroom might leave you feeling super excited. Yet, jumping into a renovation project without proper planning could take a heavy hit to your wallet, not to mention the final design. Look to the professional long island bathroom remodeling professionals for ideas on your next project.

Even though a new bathroom is relatively small, it’s important to ask yourself the right questions. That ensures you get everything you need and within budget.

To help get the most bang for your buck, let’s look at questions you should ask yourself before remodeling your master bath.

Why Am I Remodeling My Master Bathroom?

When it comes to your new bathroom, first think about why you’re tackling this project to begin with.

Are you simply updating the look? Do you need a bigger bathroom? Or is lack of storage the major motivator?

Knowing the answer to these questions will help you determine the scope of work needed. Moving walls and relocating plumbing will be more expensive and time-consuming than working with the existing footprint.

Once you know how big or little your project will be, you can come up with a reasonable plan and timeline.

How Much Can I Spend on a New Bathroom?

A master bath remodel is a great investment for these reasons, so the next step is to determine your budget. That will be the jumping-off point for all decisions going forward.

Be realistic about what you can spend and then stick to it to your budget.

It’s also important to plan for the unexpected. Remodeling projects are famous for derailing when walls get opened up. Plan for a contingency fund in your budget – just in case.

Having a contingency will save the stress of worrying about coming up with extra money if problems pop up.

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What Features Are a Must-Have?

Knowing exactly what you need in a new bathroom will keep you focused during the design process. It will also help keep you on budget and ensure you don’t miss a necessity.

Try writing out two separate lists of features for your bathroom. The first one will be items you must have, the other is a list of things you would like to have.

Now, keep the first list with you as you shop and set aside the second list. Only once everything gets checked off your “must-have” list (and you know what’s leftover in the budget) can you begin to choose an item or two off of the “want” list.

What Design Style Am I Going For?

If you don’t know what look you want for your new bathroom, walking into a design store will become overwhelming. It’s important to narrow down your choices to help you save time and money (and your sanity!).

Do you want a modern style? Maybe a cozy farmhouse bathroom? Or keep to a traditional design?

When you know the design goal, researching looks and finding fixtures that match your style will become easier.

Will the Design Grow with My Needs?

Designing a new bathroom for the here and now is easy. Yet, if you’re in your forever home or plan to stay for a long time, a bathroom that works long-term is the best investment.

Staying in the home during your golden years might require a bench in the shower or storage that’s easy to reach. If you want to expand your family, having a bathtub to wash a baby will come in handy. Or, if marriage is in your future, adding a double vanity would make sense.

Changing needs as time goes by should always be part of a remodel project to make sure you get the most out of your money.

How Will the Remodel Affect Our Home Life?

Putting a bathroom out of commission can disrupt a family more than you might realize. Making plans on how to handle your bathroom situation during a remodel will make things run more smoothly.

You might have another bathroom in your house, but suddenly having five people share one bathroom can cause chaos. Have a family meeting and discuss your plans. If necessary, set up a schedule to help ease the bathroom congestion.

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Do I Need a Shower, Bathtub, or Both?

When there’s a master bath in your home, chances are there’s another bathroom somewhere else in the house. Knowing what’s in the other bathroom renovation in Toronto can help you decide whether to install a shower, bathtub, or both into your new bathroom.

In general, a home should have one bathtub and one walk-in shower. If the other bathroom already has a tub, consider installing a walk-in shower in your master bath, or vice versa.

Does the Ventilation Need Upgraded?

Proper ventilation is key to keeping your bathroom dry and mold-free, but it’s something many homeowners forget about during a renovation. If you’re enlarging your master bath or have an old vent, considering installing new ventilation.

Bathrooms are humid areas, with steam from baths and showers coating everything in the room with moisture. Vents draw the moisture out, keeping surfaces dry which prevents the growth of mold and mildew.

Installing a vent with at least one CFM per square foot will keep your new bathroom dry and comfortable.

How Do I Find the Right Contractor?

DIY weekend warriors may be able to tackle small renovation projects on their own, but for bigger remodels it’s best to call in a professional. Hiring a contractor will keep you from getting in over your head.

To make sure you find a trusted contractor, get referrals from friends and family. You can check out contractor’s websites to read reviews, look at credentials, and see photos of past work. It’s also a great idea to check with the Better Business Bureau to research complaints.

Interview at least three contractors and know the right questions to ask before making a decision.

Plan the New Master Bathroom of Your Dreams

Don’t let the excitement over your new bathroom get ruined by bad planning. By knowing what questions to ask yourself, you can be sure you’ll get the master bath you’ve always wanted.

Looking for more ways to spruce up your home? Check out the articles in our Home Care blog!

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