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Common Electrical Issues in Old Homes

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Common Electrical Issues in Old Homes

When you live in an old home, you don’t only have to worry about problems with your home’s roof, structure, and plumbing. These older buildings are prone to electrical issues that can range from just annoying to very dangerous.

At the least, you’ll be inconvenienced when you can’t use your lights and appliances normally. At worst, you could have an electrical fire that destroys your entire home.

So, how do you know when it’s time to call an electrician for help? Read on to learn about five of the most common electrical issues you might notice in your old home.

1. Bad Electrical Wiring

If you have an old home, you likely have aluminum rather than copper wiring. This old electrical wire responds more to temperature changes, and the insulation breaks down easier over time.

You might notice that your power outlets feel very warm or that you see sparks coming out of them. This is a sign to call a local electrician to get the wiring replaced so you can avoid fires.

2. Overloaded Circuit Breaker

Isn’t it frustrating when you plug in something and the power goes out in the house? This often happens in older homes that have circuit breakers that just can’t provide enough amperage for all your devices.

Fixing this issue can be as easy as not plugging in too much at a time. An electrician can upgrade your panel if necessary.

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3. Power Surges

You’ve probably heard how power surges can damage your computer, TV, and other gadgets. While they can happen due to natural causes like lightning storms, they might also happen in older homes due to wiring that just can’t handle the load efficiently.

To protect your equipment, an electrician can suggest surge protectors to have installed in your home as well as identify problematic appliances. They can also inspect your wiring to make sure there’s not a major issue at hand.

4. Nonfunctioning Power Outlets

When you have an old home, your power outlets might eventually burn out and have some black marks on them to signify this. This annoys you when you plug something in, and it never powers on.

Sometimes you might find the issue is as simple as a circuit breaker that has tripped. But you might also be dealing with burned-out connections that an electrician will need to fix.

5. Lighting Issues

You might have had your lights flicker during wind or lightning. But have you had the lights dim or blink suddenly for no apparent reason?

If this happens just to one light, you might just have a defective bulb on your hands. However, it can also mean your old home has weakened electrical connections that need immediate attention. Without help from an electrician, you have a higher risk of a fire.

Get Help for Your Home’s Electrical Issues

Now that you know the electrical issues that often plague old homes, schedule an appointment soon with a local electrician if you have any of these problems.

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You might feel tempted to do it yourself to save some money. But troubleshooting and fixing electrical issues yourself comes with a lot of dangers, even if you have some experience.

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