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Should I Get an Attorney After a Car Accident

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Have you ever been a part of a car accident? If you are a regular traveller or have a transport business dealing in trucks and other motor vehicles, it is better you have a good car accident lawyer at rescue.  When you have an experienced car accident lawyer, you can get great help in dealing with situations like recovering losses from the car insurance company, reducing the high amount of paperwork and much more. To hire a car accidents lawyers, you need to know about whom to hire and when to hire. Knowing this can create a big difference in resolving the case and saving from heavy monetary loses.

Do I need a lawyer for car accident ?

Though a bitter truth, but auto accidents are nothing uncommon today. auto accidents involving minor vehicle damage can be usually handled directly with the car insurance company. However, the ones involving fatality, severe physical injury and greater vehicle damage needs legal representation by a knowledgeable and experienced car accident lawyer.

Whenever you need help in cases of major car accidents, getting in touch with a good lawyer can help you achieve the compensation amount from the car insurance company easily. This compensation amount covers everything from medical expenses, lost wages to car repairs. There are states where hiring a car accident lawyer can help you resolve the situation when a near one is killed, especially in cases of speeding, rough driving or drunk-driving.

Tips for hiring a personal injury lawyer

Generally auto accidents lawyers are known for dealing in wide range of circumstances starting from personal injury, property damage, wrongful death and determining liabilities. When you are in search of a car accident lawyer, look for one who has enough experience. Give emphasis on his/her skills, location, commitment and payment structure.

Your car accident lawyer should have good knowledge of state and national laws of transportation, an idea to handle insurance and health care companies and prepare a case efficiently and settle it positively. Do not forget to check the lawyer’s track record, qualifications, references and background.

An essential part of choosing your car accident attorney is checking the fee structure. There are some lawyers who prefer “no win-no fee” basis if your case shows any merit.

When should you seek your car injury attorney’s advice?

It is always better to avoid complications and so you should hire a car accident lawyer early. It saves you from expensive mistakes both economically and mentally. You won’t be aware but there are certain personal injury forms differing state to state. You might need to pay for medical bills and serious injuries, lost wages or vehicle repairs. So, better contact an experienced and skilled car accident attorney right after the accident. Remember to do this before meeting your car insurance agent.  

Here are some situations when you should definitely reach your auto injury attorney:

  • You have the least idea of evaluating your insurance claim
  • The other party or adjuster has demanded medical records before the accident
  • No clear liability or liability shared between parties
  • The adjuster offers a deal but for you the claim is more important
  • The adjuster suggests a structured settlement instead of a heavy payment
  • You lack confidence to negotiate a settlement all on your own
  • It is a claim of lost wages which is generally not an easy situation to prove for a businessman or sales man

It is highly essential to seek your car injury attorney’s advice when:

  • You face circumstances which increase the value of your claim and you are unable to prove your loss
  • Your insurance company rejects your claim and you want them to reconsider
  • The settlement amount offered by the insurance company is very low
  • There is serious injury and you have important medical bills as prove
  • You have minor injuries with residual disability and will probably have the medical bills in future
  • The party injured is a minor and has unavoidable injuries
  • Liability disputed and you fell less responsible or totally not involved in the accident
  • It has been a year after the accident and you haven’t settled your claim yet or you are unaware of the statute of limitations in your state
  • The situation involved in the accident is quite serious and demands expert investigation
  • The opposing party has served you a lawsuit

In a case where you think the case is not clear enough for you to understand, ensure you consult a car accident lawyer as soon as possible to overcome the situation before going to the insurance agent. This will save you from making any statements to the other party which could affect your claim in a wrong way.

What questions you should ask to a car injury attorney?

Prior to having a meeting with the chosen car accident lawyer, you should be well aware of details of the car accident, financial lose, personal injuries and every other minor and major specification. The document you must carry with you to the lawyer involves the insurance policy, medical records, information shared at the accident scene and other necessary details.

Read on to see some question you can ask to the car accident lawyer before you make the final decision of hiring:

  • What is the percentage of your practice spent in dealing in car accident cases?
  • How much experience do you possess in the particular kind of injury in question?
  • Can you suggest the standard settlement range for a case like mine?
  • To what extent can you handle my case of car accident?
  • How do you structure your fees?
  • What are the out-of-pocket expenses I would be responsible for?

As you go through the blog, you would have known almost every aspect of the typical key points to keep in mind while you hire a car accident lawyer. Factually, having a car injury attorney is crucial for almost each one of us today. 

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