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Keto vs Low-Carb Diets – What is the Difference

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People often confuse the two most popular dieting methods on the planets. One of them is simply a low-carb diet, while the other is the Keto diet. While these two types of diets are extremely similar, they are extremely different, as low-carb diets have less carbs, and operate often on low-fats. They aren’t as strict as the keto diet, which practically eliminates all sugars and even a lot of fibers in order to achieve what’s in your body as ketosis.

The Low Carb Journey

Low carb diets don’t go as low in carbohydrates at all in order to keep you in ketosis like the keto journey. Generally, you’ll cut your carbs by eliminating breads and glucose, but you’re still allowed to eat fruits that are extremely healthy for you but contain a lot of sugars (like apples, strawberries, blueberries, and much more). You may dip into a little bit of ketosis off and on, but usually, after you eat your fruit you’ll get back off the course. While this helps to relieve a lot of health things like diabetes, and even helps you lose weight, you still get enough carbs to be more physically active and your body is still primarily using glucose to provide your body with the energy it needs.

The Keto Diet

With the keto diet, you will get a lot less than 45-50g of carbs per day, as this diet even eliminates a lot of fruits. The reason for this is because, in the state of ketosis, your body uses its own liver enzymes to convert fat directly into energy. Because of this, you may suffer from what’s called the “keto flu” at first, but usually, you can recover from this and end up being in a high state of permanent ketosis. Along with this, the keto diet usually lasts a lot longer than the typical low-carb diet as well.

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What About Fats?

While both low-carb diets and keto are optimized and sustained with plenty of protein, most low-carb diets also have a lot of “fat cutting” involved in them, whereas the keto diet is a diet which is extremely high in natural healthy fats that don’t harm you quite so much. You don’t burn fat necessarily from your body first with a keto diet either like you do by cutting carbs and fats with a regular low-carb diet. That being said, you can actually gain weight on keto, but because of the higher amount of ketones, you have less of a chance of doing so like you do on a typical low-carb diet.


There are numerous benefits of the keto diet over any other form of diet, and it can even help cure some diseases like diabetes and help regulate blood sugar better than a low-carb diet. There has been a lot of research studies that have even shown that the keto diet can help reduce liver inflammation and give you more endurance and an overall better night’s rest, plus you can even get a better night’s rest as your body maintains itself properly.

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