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11 Benefits of Playing Piano as a Child

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11 Benefits of Playing Piano as a Child

In general, 1 in 4 people can play the piano. But the benefits of playing piano extend far beyond the need to “fit in” with one-quarter of the population.

Students who take up the piano at an early age are exposed to a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits. In fact, you can start seeing improvements with just 30 minutes of practice a day.

Still not sold? Here are all the reasons why you should enroll your child in piano lessons.

11 Benefits of Playing Piano

While you might think your child is getting a well-rounded education in school, their music class probably doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. With so many different instruments to consider, here’s why the piano is the best.


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of taking up piano lessons is the creativity that comes with it. Studies have shown that while playing the instrument, the part of the brain that controls “default” or “stereotypical” responses actually switches off, allowing for a more open mind.

Meanwhile, the brain is focused on improvising and creating a unique and original sound. In other words, the more you play the piano, the more you’ll be able to begin synthesizing tunes of your own.

Academic Growth

It comes as no surprise that students who play music score substantially higher on standardized tests.

Piano-playing naturally helps improve math skills by training players in how to count measures and read music. Moreover, distinguishing between pitches has also proven to help student musicians become better at reading comprehension, compared to classmates who don’t practice music.

Time Management

The best way to instill time management in children early-on is to establish a routine, and piano lessons are a given. By splitting your child’s time between lessons, practice, and free play, he or she will learn to adopt good habits that they can apply to all areas of their lives.

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Concentration and Discipline

There’s a reason for the old axiom, “Practice makes perfect.” Playing piano is like the equivalent to a full-brain workout, as multiple lobes activate to concentrate, focus, and apply knowledge.

By regularly practicing the piano, your child will learn to exercise these brain muscles and apply them to whatever other skills or hobbies they decide to pursue.

Hand-Eye Coordination

As your child reads music while playing the piano at the same time, the relationship between their brain and their muscles will strengthen. Specifically, you’ll begin to notice increased finger speeds.

This can yield long-term benefits in students who may go on to become athletic. Moreover, both children and adults with reduced motor skills will begin to see improvements in their muscle coordination as well.


Indeed, every instrument requires a certain level of rhythm. With the piano, not only will your child learn to keep the rhythm in their fingers, but they will also learn to supplement that by using the pedals as they advance in their lessons. This can prove to be helpful in the areas of dance and even writing.

Want to learn more about how your student will learn to play the piano? Here are more details about piano tuition.

Stress Management

Just as physical exercise can help us blow off steam, so can piano-playing. Although the practice has proven to help treat symptoms of depression and other mood disorders in elderly adults, scientists encourage people of all ages to take up the piano to improve their quality of life.


Constructive criticism is a staple to piano lessons. Not only will your child learn how to take it in stride, but they will also discover that they are capable of anything they put their mind to.

Plus, piano recitals may help treat their fear of public speaking. And their piano-playing will give them another fun-fact to share with the class that will set them apart from the rest.

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Cultural Exploration

By practicing a diverse selection of music, children will learn to identify the cultural influences of different rhythms, instruments, and styles of music. This further goes into the open-mindedness promoted by “turning off” the brain’s stereotypical reflexes.

And who knows: Maybe your child’s love of music will encourage them to explore other areas of culture, such as languages, traditions, and food!

Hands-On Learning

Studies have shown that about 37 percent of students learn best kinesthetically, or by using their hands. And when it comes to the piano, students who practice regularly experience greater neuro and psychological improvements than those who participate in another form of kinesthetic learning, like sports or art.

Time to Unplug

Prolonged use of electronics can lead to brain atrophy, impaired cognitive functioning, and even increased cravings due to malfunctioning dopamine receptors. While it may be impossible to eliminate electronics from the household altogether, it’s not hard to reduce your child’s screentime.

Playing the piano allows your child to practice a hobby free from distractions. It gives them an outlet to express themselves without the need for instant gratification that comes with social media and other electronic devices.

Final Notes

If you find that the piano just isn’t a match for your child, don’t worry. There are a plethora of benefits that come with practicing other instruments, like percussion, strings, and wind–even though the benefits of playing piano are plentiful.

Maybe your child isn’t musically inclined at all. If that’s the case, there are a number of other hobbies, like art, sports, and theatre, that will similarly improve your child’s quality of life. Looking for more ideas? Check out Easywork’s education column to find the next best ways to help your child succeed.

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