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Best Online College Degrees for 2018

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Best Online College Degrees

As online professional educations provide such ubiquity in the manner that they don’t provide education over a conventional manner. The progress of online education over the past few years has been to such a staggering extent that today, thousands of individual are applying to get a professional online degree from various universities and colleges from all over the world. The Babson Survey Research Group’s latest Survey of Online Learning has revealed that nearly 28% of students who are pursuing higher education has taken up at least one online course from major, public non-profit universities.

At present, the students who are attending the best online colleges and universities have reported the higher satisfaction level in regards to their college education experience. Students from all across the globe take up an online degree in various educational fields such as political science, criminal justice, healthcare, engineering, information technology, and business. Keeping this in mind, here is a list of the best online college degrees for future careers –

  • Accounting – Student who earn an online degree in accounting gain a base in the field of commerce, and business. An accounting degree provides the foundation to a student and helps them manage money and provide consultation in various settings. Accounting program graduates who are pursuing a career in accounting can become a public accountant, corporate accountant, and/or an accountant for government organizations. They require an in-depth knowledge in the field of tax laws, and in ensuring that the books of organization stay balanced and within lawful boundaries. Example – Accounting Clerk, Accountant.
  • Business Administration – A business administration degree provides a student with the foundation for a career in leadership. At a bachelor’s degree level, student are provided training for upper-level management positions. At an associate level, the student develop major administrative and managerial skills, and knowledge. At a master’s degree level, students start to lead entire companies. Programs for business administration is focuses on business operations, and leaderships. Online business administration course blend business theories with leadership theories. Many of these course comprise of field experience, and concentration options. Example – Chief Executive Officer, Compensation and Benefits Manager.
  • Counselling – Online counselling degrees provides students with the knowledge of helping clients in becoming successful, both mentally and physically. Even though counselors in various areas of practice provide various, niche services, the basic goal across all the field of counselling remains the same – helping people. Students who are interested in following a field in counselling can choose from several areas like family counselling, marriage counselling, career counselling, school counselling, rehabilitation counselling, abuse counselling, and mental health counselling. Counselling degrees generally combine practical and theoretical coursework, field experience, and research. Example – Rehab Counsellor, Mental Health Counsellor.
  • Finance – In the same lines as accounting, students who are pursuing finance gain expertise in managing money. But the difference is – accountants help in balancing the books, while financial executives are generally focused on individuals or businesses and help them invest their existing money. An online degree in finance helps students specialize in both analyst roles, and administrative roles. It helps students develop a thorough knowledge of theories of decline and growth, markets, and money. Additionally, it helps them employ the knowledge profitably, legally, and safely. Example – Financial Analyst, Financial Examiner.
  • Information Technology – In the age of technological advancement, cybercrime, smartphones, and cloud computing, the demand for professionals who are knowledgeable in the field of information technology has reached an all-time high. Student who pursue an online degree in the field of computer science, and information technology develop a comprehensive technical skills and knowledge required in meeting the technological requirements of schools, financial organization, banks, government agencies, and corporations. Graduates of an online IT degree have a comprehensive knowledge of maintenance, integration, and operations of technological devices and computers. Example – Computer Network Architecture, Information Security Analyst.
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Just take any stream of above and do some hard work then college success is yours. If you have chosen to purse any one of the above mentioned degrees online, you can bank on having a good job in your future. There are various best college search website available which you can log in to, and find the best college for a

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