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Fleetmatics Reveal ELD is Now Certified 

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Fleetmatics have been in operation for a few years now. Recently, though, in 2018, the company was acquired by the Verizon Group and had been going through a rebranding process as Verizon Connect. One of the company’s crowning achievements is the REVEAL LogBook ELD, which as really solidified its position as one of the leading names in the industry with regards to vehicle tracking and telematics devices. REVEAL LogBook ELD is also one of the important vehicle accessories which helps the driver and the passangers as well.

The good news is, with regards to the REVEAL LogBook, the sophisticated ELD that manages the hours of service and status records of drivers on behalf of businesses is that it has been successfully certified with the FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. So not only is it a great piece of kit, but it is also fully compliant with the new rules. Why is this important?

Importance of Certification

The rules and regulations regarding commercial vehicle drivers changed recently with the introduction of the ELD Mandate. According to the administration, drivers who are normally required to maintain and update paper logs of their hours of service were required to switch to using an ELD or electronic logging device by the 18th of December 2017.

The REVEAL LogBook is a very thorough and practically designed ELD that not only allows drivers to automatically keep their records of duty status or RODS up to date by allowing the recording and storage of HOS data; it also meets the relevant specification from a technical point of view. To ensure the ELD met the terms of the Mandate, they put it through rigorous testing, evaluation, and development processes with input from reputable experts within the industry.

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In doing so, they were able to improve just how easy it is to use and make the transition from paper logs to electronic lo0gs as stress-free as it possibly can be.

Why It Must be Easy to Use

How easy it is to use is crucial because as part of the regulations established in the ELD Mandate, the FMCSA has ruled that all commercial motor carriers must choose and install a suitable ELD solution that the drivers who will be in control of the vehicles in question and the ELDs are fully trained to use.

This means that they need to fully understand the device and know how to make use of all its important features, such as collecting the supporting documents that are required, certifying their record of driver status, and the annotation and editing of their RODS.

The great thing about the REVEAL LogBook is that it takes any of the mystery or confusion out of using an automatic digital recording system. There is no need for additional hardware when it’s installed.

Along with the above features, it also offers enhanced DVIR or Driver Vehicle Inspection Report functions, better sub-status options, and a more streamlined and effective certification flow.

Not all drivers who have been working in the industry will be particularly au fait with new technology. The changeover can be stressful for them as they need to wrestle with new equipment. That’s why it is so important that the FMCSA’s certification of the Fleetmatics REVEAL and that it is so easy to use.

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Comply Now

All drivers, with slight exceptions here and there, of commercial vehicles, need to have a suitable and fully certified ELD in their transportation. There is no escaping that fact. If you have only recently started using a commercial vehicle for transportation or haulage services as an owner-driver or have only just started your own company with a fleet of commercial vehicles, being compliant with the Mandate is important. As you would be breaking the law, you may face costly fines, and it could jeopardize your ability to get more work.

Why Choose Fleetmatics REVEAL LogBook ELD

The Fleetmatics REVEAL LogBook ELD is an ideal choice if you are looking for a piece of equipment that is not only easy to install but easy to use by just about anyone. On top of all that, even though it is now working under the Verizon Group umbrella, Fleetmatics are still committed to offering full support to its customers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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