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Time With Perfection: Top 5 Most Outstanding Timepieces of 2019

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A wise man once said that you must spend a little extra cash for you to acquire something you admire because the feeling of enjoyment and accomplishment are strong values. When looking for a timepiece that suits your needs, people tend to check the feature-to-price ratio of the item to know if it’s worth buying or not.

People can look to the timepiece’s feature-to-price ratios all day long. However, in the end, all that matters is choosing the watch that you love because an admiration of a watch is all that it would take to inspire consumers to bring it home. Although countless brands guarantee greatness, here are the best most prominent watch brands of 2019.

Omega De Ville Trésor

2019 is a great year for OMEGA as they celebrate the 50th anniversary of when man first landed on the moon, and it’s also a commemoration for the first-ever timepiece brought to the moon. Although there are a lot more reasons for OMEGA to celebrate, however, this year, OMEGA celebrates the 125th birthday of when the company began.

To honor the celebration, OMEGA released its 125th-anniversary edition timepiece, the De Ville Trésor, equipped with a beautifully crafted 40mm 18k gold body that houses an elegant red dial, this watch flares out as one of the high-class in the timepiece trend. It has a hand-wound Co-Axial movement, and the De Ville Trésor is also a certified chronometer.

Tissot Heritage

Tissot is a brand that originated in Switzerland, and it’s also one of the few brands that got engaged with motor racing back in the fifties. This year, Tissot is releasing the Heritage that revisits the Navigator. This watch is a mechanical racing watch that sponsored the great racing success back in the 70s with Alpine in the World Rally Championship at Monte Carlo.

The re-release of the Heritage is very affectionate as they try to maintain the original image, but with a few new tweaks to adapt to the technological advancement in watches. The Heritage has a 43mm polished steel case with three-dial layouts that illuminates with green Super-LumiNova indicators, and it’s only limited to 1,973 pieces.

Tag Heuer Autavia

The Autavia from Tag Heuer has only the slightest presence since the development was terminated back in 1985, thus turning this timepiece into a collector’s item. This year, Tag Heuer released their Autrivia once again that guarantees many options and a top of the line movement. 

Tag Heuer’s secret into making the new variation of the Autavia is the “Isograph.” The Isograph marks the technological advancement of their movement in the most fragile part of the timepiece, its hairspring. Conceived from a carbon-composite material, the Autavia has adverse effects on magnetism, while it’s resistant to shocks and gravity as well.

Victorinox INOX

The name Victorinox is familiar to people who have acquired Swiss Army Knives. The company released its line of timepieces, the Victorinox INOX. The watch is acknowledged due to its absurd rock-like structure because the INOX still maintains its fresh, sleek aesthetic after it got run over with a tank and being shot down with corrosive fluids.

Seiko Prospex LX

Japan’s number one watchmaker started in the 19th century as a little jewelry shop the specializes in clocks. Now it’s notable to many for making exceptional timepieces for every price range, using exclusively in-house processes. The new variation of Seiko’s Prospex LX is an all-around watch that accommodates the land, air, and sea.

The Prospex LX has a 44.8mm body with a 5R spring drive movement and a power reserve of a life-saving 72 hours. Not to mention, it has has a case made out of titanium and polished to achieve a mirror finish, and it also integrates a water resistance for up to 300 meters.


The world has been taken over by technology, from the comfort of our own home to the daily commute we partake, up to the corporate office where we work. It has also adapted to the wearables that we currently know and love that we always bring with us everywhere we go.

Wearing the best could bring out your best, which means that your atmosphere would become better if you’re wearing the best accessories, especially a watch. And with the rise of smartwatches, people tend to migrate from classic mechanical watches to a more digital perspective. However, like they always say, nothing beats the classics.

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