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Is Clover POS Part of Your Business Plan?

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New business owners tend to put a lot of work into writing business plans. If you are not familiar with the workflow of a retail or service business, you may not realize the importance of a point of sale system. The popular Clover POS system is available in four hardware builds with two software plans. These systems are also compatible with hundreds of applications and integrations such as Booker POS for online appointment booking. Find out more about how Clover hardware and software can support your business.

Reliable Payment Processing

A trustworthy POS system is essential to the financial and operational strategy of any sales-driven business. Clover hardware can process a variety of payment methods, from cards with chips or magnetic strips to contactless payments. Once your business is pre-approved and the system has been set up, it will automatically connect to a trusted payment processing network with transaction rates based on the software subscription package.

The Register Lite software plan has lower monthly costs and slightly higher fees for in-person transactions. Full-service Register software costs about twice as much per month but has a lower in-person transaction fee. Make sure that your monthly operational budget factors in POS equipment and software subscription expenses. Clover hardware and software is powerful enough to process and track transactions while providing access to hourly and daily sales data.

Accessible Sales Data

Clover POS systems make it simple for businesses to make sales. In addition to the ease of processing many common types of transactions, these systems make it effortless to maintain and review detailed records. The built-in Clover Dashboard interface makes it simple to monitor sales and analyze information about customer spending habits. This platform is cloud-based, which means that you can access information anywhere at any time. Clover POS systems also make it easy to export records for accounting, payroll or tax purposes. It might even be possible for you to replace several costly business software suites with third-party applications or platforms supported by Clover to combine workflows.

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Easy-To-Use Hardware

Every Clover POS system is designed for ease of use and is capable of accepting a full range of payment methods. The most affordable and simple system, the Clover Go, is an attachment that connects to your mobile smart device. Cloverflex hardware has all of the features necessary to replace a cash register or terminal including the ability to print receipts. The tablet-based Mini and tabletop Station builds provide more options for full-service restaurants or retailers with complex inventories. From the simplest systems on up, Clover can provide you with the tools you need to fulfill transactions, keep detailed records and manage operations.

Clover POS systems are a popular choice for retail and service businesses. Authorized service providers can work with you to customize a hardware and software build that meets your needs at every stage of operations. In addition to processing payments, these systems support other applications and integrations such as Booker POS. No business plan is complete without a POS system, and Clover could be the right choice for your enterprise.


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