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8 Ways a Mobile App Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

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8 Ways a Mobile App Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

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More than half of the adult population in the world have smartphones in their possession. Consequently, it is not surprising that more and more companies invest in their app development to gain greater coverage of their target audience and to win additional profits.

One can now find a mobile app to solve almost any task in any area that one might think about: games, work, personal productivity, booking a table in a restaurant, solving mathematical equations, and many more.

Nowadays, a smartphone is not just a mere communication tool used to connect to other people. Mobile technology is fully integrated into our lives.

Let us take a closer look at how a business can benefit from its own mobile app.

  1. Attract New Customers and Promote Sales Growth

Using a mobile app, you can ensure a constant flow of new customers as it provides mobile marketing tools. One of the key consequences of this process is an increase in sales growth.

Mobile apps provide a higher conversion rate than websites because:

  • They are more convenient – an app with good usability allows users to perform fewer actions to make an order.
  • They work and respond to user actions faster.
  • Mobile apps store data on user purchases, visits, and location, improving personalization quality.
  • People are increasingly buying goods and services on the go, and in many cases, literally in a couple of clicks due to convenient usability, saved billing data, and voice input.
  1. Average Check Increase

This increase becomes possible because apps show a higher conversion rate and a smaller refusal percentage at the purchase completion stage. In addition, specifically authorized users more often make purchases via mobile apps.

Knowing more about them, you can personalize your offers to a greater extent, including with the “up-selling” technique. Most analytical companies confirm this possibility in their research.

  1. Convenience to Users (Loyalty Increase)

Mobile apps provide a great opportunity to study any product or service from all angles before making a purchase. The company is always on hand on the device screen just a single click away. A quick and convenient way to book, preorder, or get advice!

  1. Additional Communication Channel
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Mobile applications essentially make it unnecessary for the company to send messages and e-mails to customers. The company can deliver all the necessary information directly to the gadget screen using push-notifications and in-app messages, including discounts and promotions, order completion, delivery to the collection point, a reminder about the appointments, and confirmation codes for banking and payment services.

Using an app, it is convenient to organize a chat with managers, advisors, or customer support. In addition, many people just do not like to make phone calls. The possibility to launch an application and resolve issues via the chat service is a much more convenient option for them.

  1. Business Process Automation

Not only internal corporate solutions but also apps created for customers can automate company workflows.

8 Ways a Mobile App Can Help You Grow Your Small Business clouds

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For instance, the main function of a taxi app is to call a car quickly and conveniently. At the same time, it automates the taking of orders, their processing, and driver assignment. If there is no app, customers order by phone or via a website, after which an operator has to deal with the processing, which all costs extra time and money.

  1. Cost Optimization

On the one hand, you will have to incur costs, at times substantial, to develop a quality app. On the other hand, a mobile app can assist your business in reducing other expenses.

Savings are achieved due particularly to the following features:

  • automation of certain processes means fewer staff are required;
  • data on customer behavior allow improved operational efficiency;
  • push notifications allow you to reduce your budget allocation for email newsletters and remarketing campaigns.

Generally speaking, companies can maintain the desired sales level, while spending less money on advertising due to increased conversion resulting in moderate costs.

  1. Target Audience Analytics


You can collect and analyze all the same data on mobile app users as on website visitors. You will be able to construct a more accurate audience profile, draw conclusions, and build your marketing strategy based on this data.

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8 Ways a Mobile App Can Help You Grow Your Small Business charts

Source: http://www.foxbuff.com/digital-marketing/overview-of-audience-reports-in-google-analytics/

You can get comprehensive data on your customers’ location, their interests, and other useful data. It will allow you to make informed decisions regarding your business development and interaction with the target audience.

  1. High-Level Personalization

Taking the previous point into account, you can learn much more about your existing and potential customers than when using a website alone. A mobile app allows you to improve the service quality and make a more competitive commercial offer of goods or services.

Let us summarize

A mobile application provides the user with a quick and convenient way to get acquainted with your offer, study the information and, if necessary, quickly place an order or ask a relevant question. Moreover, customers can do all this on the go, right on their smartphone screens.

For internal corporate purposes, entrepreneurs may also want to develop dedicated apps to automate processes and thus save the company money, as well as improve the operation of separate departments and business efficiency overall.

A mobile application can become a great investment for you, and I hope that after reading this article, you can appreciate the obvious benefits of such a tool for business.

For instance, the main function of a taxi app is to call a car quickly and conveniently. At the same time, it automates taking orders, their processing, and assignment. If there is no app, customers make orders by phone or via a website, after which an operator has to deal with their processing, spending extra time and money.

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