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How To Write A Literary Analysis Essay

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Many students study literature at the university. To write a literature essay is a common writing assignment. A literary analysis essay is a special academic assignment which aims to examine a certain work of literature or evaluate a given aspect of a literary work. Students have to write about the big theme of the read book. The literary essay can be written about any book or topic imaginable.

Guide to Write a Literary Analysis Essay

In the beginning, we are going to learn how to start a literary analysis essay. If you speak about a literature course, a certain degree of academic writing has to be involved. Students will have to start with reading books discussing them in class. However, you will have to analyze them in a written form. You must be ready to edit your essay properly, if you want your text to look professional and meaningful.


There’s a common problem among students. Usually, professors assign to write the paper, but they do not explain how to write a literary essay step-by-step. Some students simply search for online services that write essays for money. Others try to find reviews on Goodreads and simply paraphrase them. And there are also students who find blogs which are written by passionate readers, and they follow this style. 


To write a professional essay, you have to follow a specific format and maintain an adequate style of writing. Remember that you are neither a blogger nor a copywriter. Your task is to read a book, write a proper literary essay, and impress your professor. You can always use writing services in case of limited time like Edusson, which can help to write a text without stylistic, grammar, or punctuation mistakes. You will get a text which is plagiarism free and ready to be submitted at your educational institution. Below, you will find the guidelines to follow to achieve the goal.

You will have to pass through these steps: 

  • Understand the purpose of your essay;
  • Understand the assigned writing format;
  • Planning;
  • Writing;
  • Editing.

What Is the Purpose of your Literary Analysis Essay?

You have to prove that you have examined and evaluated a work of literature from several different aspects. Make sure that you understand the term analysis. You have to learn how to break the information into essential components. You can also share your own impressions, but they must follow a structured format. Make sure that your writing is focused and sharp and focused. Your main goal is to convince the reader that you make a valid point with the in-depth analysis.


What Does A Literary Analysis Essay Include?

Many students have no clue how to write a literary essay. This lack of writing skills leads to a common mistake which is freewriting. A professionally written literary analysis essay can’t be based on freewriting. You can’t just sit down and write everything that comes to your mind after reading the assigned book. our text has to be organized.

Pay attention to the following:

A specific topic

You have to formulate a specific topic according to the central idea which you are going to convey.

A thesis statement

This is the part that aims to explain to your potential reader what to expect from the academic paper. You have to compose a clear declarative sentence and try to convey the main point of your essay. Make sure that all that you write is connected to the thesis statement.

An introduction, body, and conclusion

It is a classic structure for any kind of academic writing and your literary analysis is no different. You have to compose an introduction, body, and conclusion. The only positive thing is that you do not have to stick to the five-paragraph format. We recommend you to ask your professor how many paragraphs you should include in the body.

How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay Introduction

Now that you’re aware of all elements this essay should include, it’s easier for you to write the literary essay outline. It should briefly describe the points you’re going to include in the introduction, body, and conclusion. Once you have the outline ready, it will be easier for you to start writing the paper.


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Now you know the main elements to include in your essay, so you just have to start, which is, in fact, the greatest challenge to overcome throughout this writing process. You have to capture the interest of your reader. We do not recommend you to bring immediate focus to the core point. Start with a brief explanation of what aspect of the book you decided to analyze. You can start your essay with a matching quote. Do not forget to include the thesis statement at the end of the introduction. A single sentence is enough for the thesis statement. Now, you should not find it difficult to write the body of your academic paper. Make sure to include a minimum of 500 – 700 words. 


Make sure that your essay is complete and well-rounded. Your reader must feel that you have made a clear point that they are ready to agree/disagree with.

When you read a book, try to penetrate deeper into the essence of the book and understand the main author’s intentions. Feel free to follow the tips above, and start your own writing as soon as you finish reading the book.


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