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What Is Ghostwriting and When You Should Use It

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What Is Ghostwriting and When You Should Use It

Ghostwriting was at the heart the beef between two popular rappers. When Meek Mill called out Drake for not writing his own lyrics, the rap world was stunned.

That just goes to show that the practice of ghostwriting pops up in many places. That’s not always a bad thing.

You might be surprised to find out how many of your favorites lean on ghostwriters for help. But what is ghostwriting exactly?

Let’s go over what it is and when to use ghostwriting for your own work.

What is Ghostwriting?

Understanding ghostwriting is fairly simple. A ghostwriter is someone who writes the majority of a project, usually a book, and gives credit to whoever hired them.

There are plenty of celebrities who aren’t authors but have books to their name. They most likely hired ghostwriters.

Best Practices for Using Ghostwriting

When can you use ghostwriting? The celebrity books we mentioned are a good example of ghostwriting best practices.

When you need to produce a lot of written content but aren’t a professional writer, hire a ghostwriter. Ads, website landing pages, business copy, and other professional works are also a good time to outsource copywriting.

Ghostwriting isn’t always the best solution. The worst examples are misleading, fraudulent, or unethical, like outsourcing important academic writing.

Hiring Professional Ghostwriters

Looking to try out professional ghostwriting services? There are a few things you need to keep in mind.

The best ghostwriters can cost thousands of dollars. The thing is, they save you time, so figure out how valuable their services are before you commit.

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There’s no set procedure for hiring a ghostwriter. You’ll have to manage them and set guidelines for what you expect from their writing.

Make sure you’re a good match with your writer, are clear with what you’re looking for, and can afford quality work.

Becoming a Ghostwriter

Now that you know when to use ghostwriting and what it is, not it’s time to learn how to ghostwrite. Here’s a mini-guide to getting started.

First, build your portfolio. You should have some freelance writing experience under your belt.

You can start out writing articles for blogs or copy for websites. Publish your own book on the side and you’ll have even more credibility — and can ask for more money.

You can represent yourself through your own website. There are also ghostwriter agencies or online portals you can match with clients.

Network with other writers to find out what worked for them. Do your homework to stay competitive.

Everything About Ghostwriting

We’ve answered all of your basic questions of what is ghostwriting, what are the best practices, reasons to hire a ghostwriter, and becoming one yourself. Ghostwriters are incredibly useful and are often in demand.

There are probably plenty of things that you enjoy that were ghostwritten. It’s great either as a career or hobby if you’re interested in trying it out yourself.

Want to learn more about online opportunities, saving time, and marketing your product? Look over our digital marketing articles for inspiration!

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