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These Are the Types of SEO You Need to Know

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Search Engine Optimization is a collection of strategies and concepts. When applied, efforts (typically) increase rankings of a page/site in search engines.

There are many types of SEO, too, so it’s not a “one size fits all” thing.

Applying best practices from the different SEO types builds a stronger foundation. What search engine optimization strategies are worth picking up? Keep reading to find out!

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO are tactics used to improve a webpage’s search performance. It’s one of the most flexible areas of SEO because there are so many factors.

On-page factors and tactics can include:

  • Creating high-quality web content
  • Optimizing titles, descriptions, and headers
  • Boosting the usability of media elements
  • Tweaking and streamlining navigation
  • Adopting a strong data/content hierarchy

Comparing your site to competitors offers a glimpse at feasible on-page efforts. The use of on-page analysis tools helps identify opportunities, too. Once you know what’s lacking, you can optimize these elements for search engines and users.

Off-Site SEO

Complementary to on-page SEO is what’s done on other websites.

Search engines factor external elements when creating a “site score”. If many reputable people link to your site, then it’s a good sign to search engines. If your site receives a lot of “bad” references, then it’s seen as low-quality.

There are several factors and tactics for off-site SEO:

  • Building links from other websites via guest posts
  • Enticing links by having great content people want to link to
  • Setting up social media accounts and linking your URL
  • Paid campaigns and sponsorship opportunities
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Off-site SEO is where most falter because it’s tedious. You have to create relationships, nurture them, and hopefully land a link or two. This goes on and on and on, becoming a full-time activity.

Many site owners decide to outsource their off-site SEO. The use of freelance SEO gig workers, like via SEOClerk, is effective for these needs. This resource connects you with SEO pros while you spend time working on things you enjoy.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is basically all the nuts and bolts type stuff. This involves applying best practices to the underlying code and site platform. Or, optimizing whatever services used to power the site.

Technical SEO includes things like:

  • Trimming unnecessary code
  • Fixing clunky code and resources
  • Setting up faster web hosting
  • Optimizing media and “page weight”
  • Modifying access files and databases
  • Following web standards and guidelines

Most site owners won’t touch this type of SEO unless they’re looking for faster hosting. For everything else, it’s best to let a professional do the work. Why? Well, because it’s easy to mess up a site when you get into the code.

The Types of SEO Will Continue Evolving

Nothing is set in stone when it comes to search engine optimization. The best practices today can become outdated tomorrow. The types of SEO will evolve as we’ve seen with the industry over these last two decades (and longer).

What can you do to stay ahead of the “SEO curve”?

Absorb as much information as you can! Deep dive into SEO books, videos, conferences, mentorships, campaigns, and more. Become absorbed with it, and be sure to check out other supporting tactics you’ll find here on the blog!

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