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Pros And Cons Of Improving Your Website Ranking With PBNs

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Pros And Cons Of Improving Your Website Ranking With PBNs

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Do you own a website but don’t get enough traffic? Can’t get visitors to stay on your site? Are you struggling to make conversions? Then chances are, you have low Google ranking.

Many consider Google as the world’s best search engine. Thanks to their constant algorithm updates, users get what they came for – fast, accurate and up-to-date search results. The thing is, such updates are one of the reasons why your Google ranking changes now and then.

Thankfully, you can still improve your Google ranking, attract more site visitors and eventually make more revenue. Aside from having expert SEO – you can achieve excellent results with SerpSpace PBNs.

Defining SerpSpace PBNs

One can use a SerpSpace PBN or Private Blog Network to improve the ranking of their website. A PBN is a group of websites linked by a single entity that works to build high-quality backlinks. Typically, the domains that make up a PBN are high-authoritative websites no longer used by its owners.

Many consider PBNs as one of the most controversial ways of giving your search engine ranking a boost. However, it is undeniably one of the best ways to get the job done. There are many good reasons to include PBNs from SerpSpace in your plan when improving your Google ranking. However, like any other grey-hat strategies, it has its drawbacks.

Pros Of Owning SerpSpace PBNs

High-Quality Backlinks

The backlinks you get from a PBN from Serpspace are high-quality from authoritative domains. Even if you’re mining backlinks from expired domains, Google marks such backlinks are valuable and in demand, thus helping give your website achieve top positions in search engine rankings.

Highly Monetizable

In case you no longer need a PBN, you have the option to sell the network altogether, or just backlinks to other website owners.

Full Control Of The Backlinks

The great thing about PBN backlinks is that once you buy a SerpSpace PBN, you are now the sole owner of the domains thus giving you full control over the backlinks.

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Possible Cons Of Owning A SerpSpace PBNs

Significant Investment

Since you’re buying high-quality backlinks from high authority websites, this will cost you a considerable amount of cash. Without a detailed and concise plan of action, your investment may go to waste.

It Takes Time To build

Setting up a PBN can be time-consuming. You need to wait a certain amount of time for the links to be indexed which is the same period as the previous one.

Risk For Penalty

If Google suspects you own a PBN to improve your site’s ranking, they can nullify all backlinks, and you can receive numerous penalties that can affect your site in the process.

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It may seem that Google is not much a fan of boosting your ranking with the help of PBNs. However, when done in minimal amounts, and with the right strategy, you can dodge Google penalties and rank up a better position in search engines to improve your conversion rates.

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