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Methods That Can Help You in Link Building

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Methods That Can Help You in Link Building

Backlinking is when other blogs, articles, news stories, and web pages link back to your website. It is one of the main criteria by which Search Engines rank search results. If a page is linked by many authority websites, it is almost guaranteed they’ll rank much higher than a website that has no links pointing to it. Link building is the practice of encouraging other websites to link back to your web pages – there are numerous strategies you can use to achieve this.

The Form of the Content Matters

Research shows that the form of the content is one of the greatest indicators of how many backlinks it gets:

  • Videos: videos are consistently among the most shared content – a video usually gets shared around 6 times as much as an article. This is due to the higher amount of engagement and interaction a video causes in viewers. If you want a particular page to be shared a lot, produce a video.
  • Infographics and bulletin points: Infographics are next up on the list of most shared content. It’s thanks to the graphical appeal and intuitive understanding that most infographics provide. If you have to go with the text, though, it is wise to create bullet points and try to structure your article.
  • And lastly, there are articles full of text without any graphical aid – this is one of the least shared forms of content on the internet. Unless you have a flair for writing, you won’t find much success with this form of content. You can always hire copywriters, however, if you really think you need long written articles.

How You Format Your Content

How you format your content also plays a vital role in the appeal of your web pages – some simple guidelines could help you go a long way and craft more attractive content:

  • The title is the most important part of a page. Aside from including the keyword in it, you must make it as interesting and mysterious as possible. A good title is one that makes you feel like clicking it.
  • Next up is the lead. This is what most writers spend hours trying to perfect – writing it and rewriting it. The lede should provide enough information about the rest of the content, It should present some interesting info, and it should be enough to make the reader hooked.
  • The meta text is also vital. It is what gets displayed in Search Engine results. One could argue that the meta text is the lede of physical articles, and that’s why you should consider the same points when writing it.

  Methods That Can Help You in Link Building

Outreaching to Make People Aware of Your Content

Even if you write the most shareable, intriguing, and well-written content, if users don’t know about it, there is no way your content will go viral and amass a lot of shares.

What can you do then? It’s rather easy – you can contact blogs, websites, and reviewers that you think might be interested in your content. A blog about bespoke software won’t be interested in your sportswear and vice-versa; you must be careful when you select which blogs to contact if you don’t want to waste a lot of time.

You can usually start by searching for keywords relevant to your article using a search engine, collect a list of all the blogs that show up, and then do e-mail outreaching and let them know you have some interesting content that their user base might like.

If you do this correctly, you’ll see a lot of blogs linking back to your content in no-time.

Hiring an SEO Team to Handle Things for You

From creating the content, reformatting it to be appealing, to contacting potentially interesting blogs and websites, link building isn’t easy. It is a time-consuming task with a lot of potential for mistakes and errors to be made along the way, and frankly, if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, it is difficult to pull it off on your own.

That’s where SEO agencies come in: An agency like Neadoo Digital SEO agency can help you immensely. They’ll be able to help you from the content creation process to marketing and outreaching. You’ll save a lot of time and effort if you hire one, and in a world where Search Engines make or break a business, the investment is well worth it.

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