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MacBook Mockup: Showcasing the Right Web Design Ideals

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MacBook Mockup

Meta Description: It’s easy to design an attractive website, but designing an efficient website is not. So what makes a great website? Show off ideals through MacBook mockup.

Any creative and tech-savvy person can design a website. But designing an efficient website will take more than just creativity. There are principles involved in creating a website that will effectively make people want to click on it. Once you understand the principles of how to create an effective website design, then you showcase them through a mockup in a bid for clients or investors to back you up and greenlight the creation of the website.

Great thing the internet provides free MacBook mockups that can help you showcase your web designs. UX Planet, for example, has a lineup of free mockups in PSD and Sketch. The list includes clay and realistic mockups in PSD file that will allow you to work with smart layers. Digital store Ramotion also has its own MacBook mockup templates that you can use for your professional presentations.

Advantages of a MacBook mockup

There are so many benefits to using the MacBook as a canvas for your digital product design. The MacBook is an important Apple device that people use in both professional and personal activities. Professionally, the MacBook works because it has almost all the components in a professional computer but in a more convenient package. You can take it with you wherever you go, allowing you to work in whatever setting.

By using the MacBook mockup, you are allowing your clients to imagine how your design projects will be viewed in real-world setting. Your clients or investors can imagine the website being opened in whatever setting. You can even create your own setting since a lot of mockups offer accessories to emphasize authenticity.

The MacBook also has high-resolution display, which is why it is a great tool for showcasing website design. The screen of the MacBook is also large enough to make a web design presentation satisfying. It may not be as big as an iMac, but it is big enough. The latest MacBook has the biggest screen ever at 16 inches.

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So what constitutes a great presentation using the MacBook mockup?

Great content

A website should have great content, but great content doesn’t mean a 500-word essay about the subject of the site. You have to be able to say a lot in just a few words. Those few words should be readable in your MacBook Pro mockup even by the person who is farthest in the room during the presentation. So if your content has to be wordy—wordy in the context of a website is still really brief like 10 words or less—make sure you choose a mockup that emphasizes the screen of the MacBook. You can use iMac mockups, too, if necessary. But if you are gunning for convenience and the ability to ensure that your design will look good in any setting, the MacBook can tell that story.


If you are gunning for an image-heavy website, then use a mockup template with a flat design. There is always that notion that flat design is boring—that is not necessarily untrue. But the thing is, with a website that relies on photos—at lot of them—you don’t need special effects to make your design look better than it is. You can let the images speak for themselves. In that case, the flat design will actually work. So when you create a website design that uses a lot of images or even videos, choose a simple PSD mockup. When this is your kind of website design, you have to ensure that the photos you use are of high resolution and are of high quality.


When designing a website, choosing colors is not about whim or favoritism. There are psychological principles behind choosing the color scheme for the website. Of course, you also have to adhere to the color scheme of the subject of the website. If you are trying to design a company website, you have to make use of the company’s logo and official colors—if any. But if the company colors are basic but you want to portray a more exciting presentation, then you choose a MacBook Air mockup, for example, that allows you to pepper in colors. However, think about the hue that would attract rather than distract. You have to put a lot of thought in choosing a mockup template. You can’t just pick out the first one you see or the easiest one to edit. You have to think about the presentation and how you can seal the deal using the mockup.

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While you want the MacBook to be the main tool from which your website will be accessed, you also want to showcase how versatile your design is. You want to be able to showcase that your website design will look just as good on the iMac as it will on the iPhone. That is the main purpose of a devices mockup. This type of mockup utilizes almost all the basic Apple devices and put them in one setup: iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone. In some cases, the Apple Watch also makes an appearance. But if you are showcasing a design for a website, the Apple Watch may not be necessary. You don’t exactly access a website on your Apple Watch.


There are mockups that are great at emphasizing details that you want to focus on. For example, if you want to showcase a design for a website that people usually use at home, you emphasize the home setting. One such mockup, which is available on UX Planet, shows the MacBook on a bed. This kind of mockup will tell the audience that you are in bed accessing the website. The bed setting allows a relaxed atmosphere. It creates a narrative that the website helps you become more relaxed, which means that the website is helpful in your daily life.

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