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The Ultimate Guide to Elasticsearch: All You Need to Know About Elasticsearch

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Guide to Elasticsearch

Did you know Google now processes over one trillion search queries per year? There’s a huge amount of data on the internet, so much it’s now counted in zettabytes.

While Google handles many search queries, there are other great search options. One such search engine is Elasticsearch.

Keep reading for more information about this open-source search engine.

Open-Source Search Engine

What is elastic search? It’s one of the world’s leading open-source search engines and analytics solutions.

Elasticsearch ingests raw data, including system metrics, logs, and web applications. After parsing, normalizing, and enriching the data, Elasticsearch indexes it.

Use cases for Elasticsearch include:

  • Business analytics
  • Security analytics
  • Geospatial visualization and data analysis
  • Website search
  • Enterprise search
  • Logging
  • Log analytics
  • Performance monitoring of applications

These are only some of the many functions for Elasticsearch. It is an almost real-time, scalable search solution for analyzing huge volumes of data.

Benefits of Using Elasticsearch

Guide to Elasticsearch offers many benefits beyond allowing quick searches in near real-time. It’s a robust analytics solution designed to scale.

Out-of-the-Box Solution

Elasticsearch offers a minimal learning curve. It makes it easy to grasp for small deployments.

Designed for Scalability

Do you need scalability across lots of servers? Do you need accommodation for petabytes of data? Elasticsearch allows for clusters of hundreds of nodes.

The design automates many decisions providing a good management API. It makes scaling Elasticsearch much easier than lots of other systems.

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In the event of a node failure, Elasticsearch prevents data loss. How? Through automatic replication of data.

The Popular Analytical Engine

Are you slicing and dicing numerical data for infrastructure performance metrics? You’ll love the analytical engine in Elasticsearch. Analytics is one of the most popular use cases for Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch provides robust faceting. It enables users to aggregate data in near real-time through aggregation queries. These queries power data visualization tools such as Kibana.

Full Text-Search Engine

Large volumes of data are challenging for SQL database management systems when it comes to full-text searches.

Powered by Lucene, Elasticsearch offers full-text search capabilities. Perform all types of searches, such as structured and unstructured, as well as geo and metric.

Language Compatibility

There are many client libraries available in Elasticsearch. These include programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, C#, PHP, Python, and more.

That makes the developer’s job easy when it comes to integration.

Well-Documented API

Guide to Elasticsearch has an available API that allows developers to integrate with it. Most log shippers can send data to Elasticsearch.

Logstash is the most popular log shipper, but there are many other alternatives. Tools such as Logstash ingest data into Elasticsearch through its API. Elasticsearch integrates well with many other tools.

The Beauty of Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a robust, open-source search and analytics engine. If you’re looking for a scalable, out-of-the-box solution for your query needs, this is a great option.

You can use Elasticsearch’s open-source features for free under the Apache 2 license. There are also paid subscriptions offering support access and advanced features.

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