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5 Ways to Utilize Pop-Ups on Your Website

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5 Ways to Utilize Pop-Ups on Your Website

According to Forbes, long landing pages generate 220 percent more leads than a call-to-action that’s above-the-fold.

If you’re using longer landing pages, however, you still need to entice website visitors to convert on the page. So how do you make that happen after they’ve scrolled past the CTA? Easy.


A few benefits of effective popup software include:

  • An increase in conversions
  • More leads
  • An enhanced user experience

With well-design website pop-ups, you can attract new customers to convert on the page. Use these five clever ways to use pop-ups on your website to build your business!

1. Click Pop-Ups

These pop-ups appear when a website visitor clicks on a specific word, image, or link. Unlike most of these other website pop-ups, click-activated pop-ups require an action.

That actually makes them the least intrusive of these pop-ups.

For example, let’s say you want to encourage website visitors to download your white paper. First, you create an eye-catching banner or sidebar image that specifies the white paper’s topic.

The text should also mention the white paper’s value (how will this help your visitors?).

Then, a pop-up will appear after the visitor clicks on the banner. That way, they’re not prompted to enter their information and download the white paper unless they want to.

2. Timed Pop-Ups

If you’re trying to determine how to use pop-ups effectively for your website, A/B test a few options.

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Instead of a click-activated pop-up, try one that’s based on a timer. This pop-up will appear after a website visitor has been on the page for a specific amount of time.

However, you don’t want to activate a timed pop-up too soon (or so late that the visitor has already left). Try testing out different times (10 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds) and use Google Analytics to determine which received the best response.

According to a report by Nielsen/NetRatings, advertisers launched 11.3 billion pop-up-ad impressions in a single year.

The use of these pop-ups improved as business owners and advertisers determined these best responses.

3. Scroll Pop-Ups

If you’re unsure about a timed pop-up, try a scroll-activated one instead.

These pop-ups allow you to communicate with visitors who are already invested with your website content. Once they scroll halfway down the page, for example, a pop-up will appear to promote lead generation.

4. Entry Pop-Ups

These pop-ups are among the most popular and appear immediately after a webpage has loaded. That blocks the website visitor from seeing the rest of your website content until they interact with the pop-up.

These pop-ups are effective for promoting deals and leading visitors to a specific page.

5. Exit Pop-Ups

Another popular pop-up, exit pop-ups appear when a visitor plans on leaving your page. These pop-ups use mouse-tracking to determine when the visitor is about to bounce (leave without taking action).

That way, you can encourage these visitors to convert on the page before they leave.

5 Ways to Make the Most of Pop-Ups

With these five clever ways of using pop-ups, you can expand your audience of customers. Grow your business with these pop-ups and watch new customers pop up in your leads.

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