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5 Best Servers for Small Business That Will Boost Application Performance

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5 Best Servers for Small Business That Will Boost Application Performance

You already know that server downtime costs your business in productivity. Less obvious but possibly costlier is server slowness.

Slow servers delay applications, causing your employees to lose precious time. Emails take longer to send and receive. Retrieving information from a database becomes a true test of patience.

You could send everything to the cloud, but that won’t guarantee speed. There are many reasons to keep some of your applications and information in-house too.

What you need is a server designed for performance. This guide reviews five of the best servers for small business. If you want performance, look no farther.

1. The ThinkServer Line

If you’re looking for the best server for small business, consider one of Lenovo’s ThinkServer models. The TS140, TS150, and TS460 are top picks among experts.

The TS140 is an affordable pick. Its configuration is fairly basic, incorporating dual Intel Core processors.

If you’re looking for a step up, the TS150 and TS460 offer more. Both are Xeon-powered, although the TS150 is much more affordable than the TS460. It can accommodate up to four drives.

If you’re looking for something even larger, the TS460 might be your pick. It handles up to eight drives.

2. Servers for Small Business go Micro

Business servers have a reputation as being big, clunky machines that take up way too much space. Microservers are changing that.

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HP is the leader in this area, and its Proliant Microserver Gen8 blends power and compactness. This small unit can handle up to 16 GB of RAM and it has support for Intel’s latest chips.

If you need something a bit larger, HP’s Proliant line has regular-sized servers as well. Many of them are already using Intel’s latest chips.

3. The 3XS is Built for Speed

There are many small business servers you could choose, but you probably won’t go wrong if you pick up Scan’s 3XS SER-T25.

With dual Intel Xeon power, this machine is one of the most powerful on this list. It’s also compact. The biggest drawback is how much it will set you back at the checkout.

4. Get the Edge on Power

Today’s best servers are powered by Intel Xeon chips. The latest PowerEdge models from Dell are no exception to the rule.

You can start out with a simple tower server like the T30. The Dell Servers line also includes rack servers for serious power. Any of these models will help you banish server slowness and get back to productivity.

5. Consider a Workstation Server

The line between small business server and workstation is blurred by powerful units like the SuperWorkstation 5039A-IL. If you need something more than a print server but aren’t sure how much more you need, this could be the answer.

Power Productivity with the Right Tech

The right servers for small business can make all the difference in the world. Power your productivity with one of these smart picks.

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Are you looking for more ways to ramp up productivity in your business? Check out our blog for more technology tips and tricks to keep you working smarter, not harder.

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