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The Iron Lady: 4 Random Facts About The Eiffel Tower

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4 Random Facts About The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is mostly known as the “Iron Lady” has certain mysteries that people don’t even know about it. One of the most iconic landmarks on the planet, It dominates the Parisian skyline with the most sophisticated and magnificent 10,000-ton architectural accomplishment view through Paris. It captures feelings of romance and wonders for everyone who visits.

The Tower Would Have Been In Barcelona

Think of Paris in France you probably end up thinking of the Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic and the most popular paid monuments in the world. Today is valued at a staggering 400 billion dollars. There are so many wtf facts about the tower, but one of the most shocking about it is the tower wasn’t always to be intended to be placed in France. 

It was initially meant to be going to Barcelona in Spain. It said, Gustave Eiffel, pitched the designs of the Spanish government but they turned it down as they believed it to be an eyesore so Gustave free pitched it to France and the rest is history.

The Eiffel Tower Is Married

The tower was at one point married to a young lady. Yes, that’s right, shocking isn’t it?. The tower is married and but is now divorced. The person who married the tower was a young lady called Erika she has a condition called “Objectophilia” it is defined by people fallen in love with inanimate objects.

In 2007 she held a ceremony and tied the know with the tower and changed her name to Erika Eiffel. However, this relationship was frowned upon by the tower staff and they quickly banned her from ever visiting. Thus, ending the relationship and causing Erika heartbreak. But Erika claims even though it was upsetting she has since moved on.

Dazzling Lights For 5 minutes

Every night every hour the Eiffel tower lights up for five minutes to create dazzling and beautiful illumination show that can be seen for miles. For its light up like that, the tower is fitter with 20,000 bulbs 5,000 on each side. Which as you can imagine takes a lot of maintenance to keep changing bulbs.

If you know for those five minutes that the tower is illuminated is against the law to take a photo of it and share it to social media and you could be fined for doing that. So which would be especially annoying if you traveled halfway around the world to fulfill your dream of seeing Paris and the Eiffel tower and then sharing your holiday snaps on Facebook only to be hit with a cease and desist letter.

However, the French government considers the light show to be a work of art and therefore copyrighted. While there are currently no cases of people actually being fined, they do request that you gain permission before taking snaps of the Eiffel Tower while illuminated.

The Haunted Tower

In the 1920s there’s an old urban legend that the Eiffel tower is haunted by the screaming ghost of a French lady who one day. She agreed to meet her American lover at the top of the tower. The man was in love with the lady and he was planning on proposing at this meetup,  the woman, however, was planning on breaking up with him.

Now before she got the chance to break up the man got on one knee and proposed, she was apparently shocked and rejected his offer so the man in a rage pushed her form the top of the tower to her death. The woman allegedly haunts the tower to this day, countless tourists have reported that they can hear screams in a creepy loud progression.


For those who love traveling around the world, pack your things up, and don’t hesitate to witness the wonders of the Eiffel tower. There’s a lot of secrets that you didn’t probably know about it that only you can see if you get there.

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