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In-Tents Technology: How Innovations in Camping Are Changing the Outdoor Life

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In-Tents Technology: How Innovations in Camping Are Changing the Outdoor Life

Today, camping doesn’t necessarily mean you have to rough it.

There’s so much technology today that can transform any camping trip you are planning. By shopping around for some cutting edge camping technology, you can have the trip of your dreams with your friends or family that you’re sharing time with.

Consider these tips so that you can buy the gear that’ll revolutionize your camping experience.

1. People Are Staying Clean with Solar Showers

Today, you can even shower without having to hope that a nearby campground has facilities. Solar showers bridge the gap and let you use nature’s best power source.

You can buy solar showers as an eco-friendly way to bathe when you’re out in the wilderness. The system involves a bag that you can fill with several gallons of water, attached to a nozzle that sprays water. It’s powered by a battery that gets energy from the sun.

There are solar showers in many different models, so shop based on the design, capacity, and PSI rating.

2. The Lighting Options Are Bright and High-Tech

With the camping lighting of today, you never have to be in the dark during a camping trip.

There are LED lanterns you can purchase so that you get long-lasting light that is brighter than a campfire with none of the safety risk. You’ll be able to also grab some high-powered flashlights that help you explore the woods without fear.

3. You Can Still Get Your Coffee Everyday

Who says you can’t get your morning coffee when you camp?

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With today’s technology, you can do even better — espresso on demand. There are camping espresso machines you can buy that active a more than 200 PSI pump when activated by hand.

It heats up quickly and lets you get a delicious dose of caffeine that’ll help you make it through any camping trip.

4. Bluetooth Speakers Let You Create a Vibe

You’ll still have plenty of entertainment because today’s Bluetooth speakers are powerful with high sound quality and plenty of thumping bass. You can hook up any Bluetooth-capable device to these speakers so that you have music on demand.

You can even add some quality sound to your tablet to watch some NetFlix episodes that you’ve downloaded.

5. The Bedding Options Are High-Tech and Sophisticated

You can even sleep in style with the bedding options that are available to today’s camper. There are inflatable and stuffable fleece pillows that take care of your neck while you dose off.

Be sure to follow some sleeping pad tips to learn more about getting a comfortable night’s sleep. There are also air mattresses that inflate without a pump, and pumps that are powered by solar energy.

Stock Up on Your Camping Technology

There is plenty of camping technology that you can stock up on so that you have plenty of conveniences under your tent. You can try out the tips above and add these perks to your shopping list to make sure you’re camping in style.

Consider these tips and check back for others that’ll help you enjoy your time outdoors.

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