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When is the Best Time for Broome Tours?

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Best Time for Broome Tours

Broome is a fantastic place to visit. There are so many sights and attractions; you can enjoy a relaxing break or an adventurous tour. However, the Broome climate doesn’t have summer or winter, so how do you plan the best time for your Broome tours?

The Wet and Dry Seasons

The weather in Broome does not have the typical four seasons that dictate the climate in other areas of the world. Instead, there is a wet and a dry season. Generally, the wet season begins in October, and you can expect very hot days, the occasional torrential downpour and isolated thunderstorms. From January to March, there is also monsoon activity, lots of rain, possible cyclones, and possible flooding.

The dry season runs from April to late September. During this season, you can expect perfect weather of clear blue skies, balmy nights, and warm days.

While you may immediately think that you want to book your trip during the dry season, there are other factors to help you plan the best time for your Broome tour.

The Average Temperatures

When you look at a table of Broome monthly average temperatures, you may see that there is not that much difference. However, the humidity is far higher in the wet season, which means that it feels far hotter and you will sweat much more than in the dry season.

It is not usual for the temperatures in the wet season to hit the high thirties, while the nights in the dry season can feel very fresh.

The other statistic you need to think about is the typical rainfall. There are extreme variations in monthly rainfall figures, but the wet season also has unpredictability. Rain in the wet season can fall in just a few hours, which means that there is a far greater chance of localised flooding.

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The Tourist Season

Broome is not just a tourist destination for overseas visitors; many Australians also flock to the area for the tropical climate and attractions. This means that during the tourist season, you can expect to see crowds at the most popular attractions. While Cable Beach is 22 kilometres long, you may need to walk a while to find a secluded spot. This means that during the tourist season, while the weather is perfect, everything may be packed, particularly in the middle of June to the middle of August.

The Perils of Jellyfish

Another issue that you need to be aware of is potentially dangerous jellyfish. In and around the Broome beaches, you’ll find two types of stingers; Irukandji and Box Jellyfish. Both of these types of jellyfish are found in the waters around the Broome coast during the wet season between November and May. This means that at the hottest time of the year, it can be a problem to swim at Cable Beach. Fortunately, there are other beaches north of Broome where you can safely swim throughout the year.

The Best Times for Broome Tours

Many Broome experts agree that the best time to visit the area is just after the wet season. This means that you can enjoy great weather, but all of the plant life is still green and lush. Additionally, there is likely to still be plenty of water in the falls and swimming holes.

If you are interested in Broome tours, be sure to speak to us. The Broome Kimberley and Beyond team would be delighted to discuss your requirements from Broome day tours to more extensive trips.

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