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Top 10 Amsterdam Tourist Attractions in 2018

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Amsterdam, the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a standout amongst the most common visitor goals in Europe. With its colleges, foundations, and research organizations, alongside more than 40 galleries, various theaters, and amusement scenes, Amsterdam is the nation’s driving social focus. This beautiful capital is famous for its historic homes that are built in a unique pattern of concentric segments fan-shaped and constructed on the piles that are driven through an upper layer of mud right into the firm. Not to forget sandy bottom that is up to 18 meters below tours. The old citizens of Amsterdam take pride in telling the tourist that approximately 6750 buildings are so old perhaps from the 16th to 18th centuries. These buildings are crowded into an area of 2000 acres and are dissected with almost 160 canals. They are home to houseboats too. How can one not mention artistic bridges of Amsterdam that link the city’s 90 islands! Eight of these bridges are wooden bascule, including the Mager Bridge, one of the capital’s top-rated and most frequently photographed.

Mentioned below are some of the top sight-seeing places in Amsterdam along with some required tips to Amsterdam tours for your ease.

Most attractive places to visit in Amsterdam

1. The Rijksmuseum


Till this date, Rijksmuseum is known as the most popular attraction and also the most beautiful artistic repository. The museum came into being in 1809. It has memories and storage of most rare art and antiquities. If we talk about the museum’s impressive collection, then know that the museum holds almost a million artwork, more than 5000 paintings each with different stories and messages.

They are spread across 250 rooms in the building. There is also a library for book lovers. The books are 35000, and there are manuscripts as well. The library depicts some old culture and art in the Netherlands. To mention in particular, there are also collections of well-crafted handicrafts, sculptures, and even modern art styles. All these are preserving old memories of the country and the capital.

2. The Anne Frank Museum


This Museum is dedicated to one of the most known Holocaust victims. Anne Frank along with her family had to hide in World War 2 as they were Jewish refugees from Frankfurt, Germany City. Anne Frank wrote the diary during the chaos which when later came in front of the world. This diary became the reason of fame and became the international bestseller after the war. Sad part Anne Frank departed soon after it at the age of 15.

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For this reason, her home has been kept as it was during the time of Anne’s and it serves as a memory to a terrible period of history.

3. The Van Gogh Museum

An absolute necessity visit for craftsmanship fans and history specialists, the stupendous Van Gogh Museum has been one of Amsterdam’s best attractions since it opened in 1972. Devoted to the frequently harried life and remarkable aesthetics of one of the nation’s most-venerated painters, this cutting-edge Gerrit Rietveld-planned structure is home to the world’s most significant accumulation of Van Gogh works of art and ancient rarities, quite a bit of it given by his sibling, Theo, and other relatives.

Flaunting an unusual 200 depictions, 500 etchings and illustrations, and additionally 700 letters written to (and by) loved ones, the gathering is part into critical times of the craftsman’s life: his sensible works (1880 to 1887), including the celebrated The Potato Eaters, and his Impressionist period from 1887 to 1890, which saw the making of maybe his best-known work, Vase with Sunflowers.

Likewise of intrigue are works by Van Gogh’s peers, including such driving specialists as Paul Gauguin and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. On the off chance that time permits, make sure to check the accessibility of the historical centre’s informative workshops in such teaches as painting and photography.

4. The Jordon

The Jordan the most popular of Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods, known for its blend of local locations with garden patios, exuberant markets, and upscale boutiques and restaurants. Voyagers could without much of a stretch go through multi-day essentially meandering the pleasant roads. However, the territory is likewise home to a lot of activities. On Saturday mornings, Lindengracht transforms into a tremendous outdoors advertise, where you can discover nearby specialities, create, blooms, and treats ideal. Monday mornings, it is Westerstraat that loads up with 200 merchants’ slow down, this time moving an extensive variety of merchandise in a bug advertise style bazaar. The Jordan’s eateries and bistros have turned into the in vogue place to sit and human watch while getting a charge out of customary Dutch people music.

5. Vondel park

The biggest and most visited stop in Amsterdam, Vondelpark possesses 116 acres of land, which contain numerous things to see and do. Notwithstanding breadths of green space dabbed by tranquil lakes and crossed by productive ways, the recreation centre is home to a rose garden highlighting more than 70 sorts of the blossom.

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6. Dam Square

Dam Square also witnesses most visitors in Amsterdam. Its remarkable state of the art the seventeenth century Royal Palace (Koninklijk Palace), previous home of the illustrious Dutch family and present-day scene for regal capacities. Dam Square is additionally home to top vacation destinations like the New Church (Nieuwe Kerk); Madame Tussauds historical wax centre and the National Memorial Statue, which is committed to Dutch warriors who lost their lives in World War II. The open square is, usually, fixed with bistros and shops, and loaded with merchants moving sustenance and keepsakes.

Visitors will likewise discover a Ferris wheel, ideal for getting an alternate point of view, and also a lot of stimulation, which ranges from road entertainers to yearly music celebration

7. The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace was formerly known as the Town Hall. It is considered as King’s residence when he is present in the city. The Royal Palace construction was a great target to achieve that started in 1648. It was a tough job as it required approximately 13659 piles to support the mammoth. Credits to the architecture of ancient Rome the interior is equally beautiful and furnished.

8. Rembrandt House Museum

Rembrandt and his wife Saskia have spent the most beautiful and happiest years of life together in this house. It is now placed to the Rembrandt House Museum.

For visitors the English guided tours are available.

9. The Botanical Gardens And Zoo

Amsterdam has some fantastic double dose of nature in the heart of the city. Amsterdam’s Hortus Botanics is the city’s botanical garden which is also the world’s oldest in history. It was founded in the year 1938 and served as the grounds of herb garden for the medical specialist.

The visitors can find rare plants and trees there along with some exotic flowers.

10. The Old Church

The Old Church was constructed in 1306 and was the first hall church in North Holland. Hence it became the model for many other churches that were present in the area. However, many other additions took place over the centuries, as the large side chapels from the early 1500s. Also to mention, there is a presence of Iron Chapel where the documents have been kept. These documents have the freedom story from tolls that was attained in 1275.

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