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8 Exquisite Waterfalls In Goa That You Shouldn’t Miss

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In India, perfect water world destination means undoubtedly Goa. Everyone praises about the beaches of Goa, but there are many attractions to see and here you are going to experience the beautiful famous waterfalls in Goa. It is better to rename Goa as Water World because it is known for many water wonders like beaches, waterfalls, and rivers etc.

However, the State of Goa is a natural habitat gifted to us. Let’s know about eight famous waterfalls in Goa which are the most visited places to experience thrilling adventurous acts and things to do there.

1. Dudhsagar Waterfalls

A beautiful waterfall dividing the two major states, Goa and Karnataka and also India’s one of the tallest waterfalls. The origin of this majestic waterfall is from Mandovi River and this waterfall is formed with five connective channels. And the approximate height of the waterfalls is nearly 1000fts. The view from the train is so amazing and picturesque.

To enjoy the attractions of Dudhsagar means you have to reach nearby destination Kulem through a train which is 8 kms far away from Dudhsagar. From there you can plan your trip to Dudhsagar Falls. The best thing to do here is an overnight camping in vicinity forest and enjoying the pleasant environment around you.

2. Hivre Waterfalls

This beautiful waterfall is located in a small village Valpoi and well-known for trekking in Goa. Hivre falls is the most visited places in Goa due to its lush greenery covering and natural attractions. Mostly, this place is crowded with a large number of enthusiasts for trekking.

Reaching this place through a small village is the major attraction with many natural wonders. However, the one who wants perfect trekking experience Hivre Falls is the best destination.

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3. Tambadi Surla Waterfalls

For the adventure seekers, Tambadi Surla Falls is the best destination. This beautiful waterfall is covered with dense forest and surrounded by many natural attractions. Reaching to the waterfalls is the experience-able thing with enjoying the nature. Through Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary you will reach the Tambadi Surla waterfalls by trekking.

A little physical fitness is required to reach the destination. But you will feel very happy with the rich flora and fauna while trekking through the Sanctuary. The major attraction of Tambadi Surla Waterfalls is the temple at the bottom.

4. Netravali Waterfalls

Netravali Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Goa located in the Madei wildlife sanctuary which is spread over the Western Ghats. Such a wonderful and beautiful destination in Goa with many natural wonders like birds spotting and wildlife attractions. Even after the monsoons, Netravali is looks admiring with gushing sound falls.

But to reach this place you have to trek through difficult terrain Bubble Lake which is very slippery. So when you are planning to Netravali falls is prepared with the best walking shoes and raincoats.

5. Charavane Waterfalls

It is a small cascade in Charavane village which is known for pretty natural attractions. Caravan Falls is known for its beautiful surroundings, the gushing sound of the falls, and beautiful scenic views. This place is famous for trekkers to trek through slippery rocks, water streams, and through jungles etc. Charavane is mostly known for its volume during the monsoons.

6. Kesarval Waterfalls

A well-known waterfall for medicinal properties and also known as Kesarval Spring located on the Verna Plateau. Kesarval Falls is a peaceful place in Goa surrounded by betel palm plantations and stunning natural attractions. The waterfalls are known for mainly swimming and refreshing place among the waterfalls in Goa.

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It is also known that this fall is home to eagles and local translation of eagles known as Kesarval. The most important thing to do here is bathing in the waters of Kesarval because it is said to be, water in these falls is having therapeutic values. Kesarval is a medicinal and refreshing waterfall in Goa.

7. Arvalem or Harvalem Waterfalls

A refreshing spot for relaxation in Goa means Aravalem Waterfalls, located near to the Sanquelim village. A well-known falls in Goa extended with a beautiful park and viewing area with all arrangements like barricades and fencing. Near to the falls, you can see Pandava Caves where Pandavas spent their days during Agnatavas means Hibernation days.

It is very easy to reach this place by a two wheeler or four wheeler. At the bottom of the waterfalls, there is a temple dedicated to Rudreshwar. Aravalem is a definite place to get relax in aid of nature. Visiting Goa with Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train could be the best way to relax and experience the luxury.

8. Bamanbudo Waterfalls

It is an easily accessible waterfall on the roadside, located in Canacona. This pristine beauty of Goa with the backdrop of Ambe ghat is so wonderful and picturesque. Location of Bamanbudo falls is roadside of Canacona to Naturlim road. Reaching to the falls and enjoying the bathe in the waters of the falls are the best things to do here. Birdwatchers can enjoy a lot; hear many birds will make fun of you. But many people not aware of Bamanbudo fall.

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