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7 Ways to Save Up to Go on a Luxury Cruise

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7 Ways to Save Up to Go on a Luxury Cruise

When you factor in the cost of a hotel, meals, gas for driving/ plane tickets for flying, and activities, vacations can be expensive. It can be easier to book a luxury cruise and slowly pay it off before you go on your voyage.

Don’t get us wrong, cruises can still be expensive because of drink packages, excursions, internet packages, ext. Even though you aren’t paying for it all at once you still have to figure out how you’re going to pay for it. To help you budget for your luxury cruise vacation here are a few tips for saving up for it all.

1. Book the Inside Cabin

The cheapest rooms are the inside cabin ones. While you may not have a television in your room, you’ll find that you’ll need it a lot less then you think. Sure it’s nice to settle down by watching the TV before bed but this is most likely the only time that you’ll watch it.

You’ll be too busy while you enjoy luxury casino cruises, going on excursions, eating yummy food, and watching live acts to worry about what’s on TV.

2. Book Early

As rooms start to sell out, some cruise lines will increase their prices. You’ll want to put down your deposit as soon as booking opens to avoid this increase. Besides, there are a few other pluses for booking early.

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You get to pick basically any room that you want and some luxury cruise lines offer special perks for booking by a certain time.

3. Wait for Sales

A lot of mainstream cruise lines offer certain sales. While not all luxury cruises offer the same ones, it’s still worth waiting on them. You may find discounts for certain excursions and packages.

Some cruise lines will even bump down the amount of money that you need to fork out for your deposit.

4. Be a Repeat Passenger

Like mainstream cruise lines, luxury cruises do have loyalty programs. You can get special perks and discounts for being a repeat passenger. The only thing is that you’ll have to cruise often to start getting these perks.

Still, if you feel like you’ll be cruising a lot, it’s worth it to pick a cruise line and stick with them.

5. Book Your Next Cruise Onboard or Don’t

If while on your cruise you feel like you want to go on another, it can be worth it to book it while you’re onboard. They offer special perks and deposit discounts if you do.

Sometimes these savings aren’t worth it though. You may receive a reduced discount on your deposit only to find out later that the overall price of the cruise is more expensive. Factor in everything before you go through with it.

Save Up for Your Luxury Cruise Package

Vacations can be expensive in general but they don’t have to be. By going on a luxury cruise you can be pampered and not break the bank. We hope you’re able to use these tips to go on vacation and still have a little cash in your pocket.

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Want a little extra money to put toward your cruise vacation? Here are a few seasonal jobs that can help you out.

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