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5 things you need to bring in an Epic Ocean Adventures tour

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A traditional safari or vacation tour takes you across the landscape, allowing you to partake in the wondrous elements of nature. However, if you take a water tour offered by Epic Ocean Adventures, you have an unrivaled opportunity to explore the ocean while you are in the ocean. Here, you are not just a tourist, you are part of the ecosystem, so to speak, in that you are very close to nature in a way that land safaris cannot allow.

For instance, even from the safety of a vehicle traveling close to lions or other predators, you would not want to get close. However, in the ocean, you can enjoy the more peaceful sea turtles along with friendly and intelligent dolphins. Dolphins can reach the size of 800 pounds, yet they are intelligent mammals that often tour you–as you tour them. Because people are largely land-based creatures, such experiences are almost otherworldly.

Because of the otherworldly nature of an ocean tour, you need to bring certain components to ensure your safety as well as your ability to truly capture the essence of this experience.

  1. Waterproof camera

Because only a few cell phones are waterproof, you will most likely need to take steps to ensure yours is protected. Fortunately, there are a few ways to protect your smartphone from water. The first is nano coating, which consists of an extremely thin, smooth, and transparent coating being applied to your phone. However, nano coating makes your phone water resistant. It is not actually waterproof, so there is a limited time in which your phone can remain submerged.

The second option is to use a pouch to protect your phone. However, although this option provides complete protection, you will not be able to use your phone to capture all those breathtaking shots unless you are in a kayak. The third, and arguably the best option, is to use a waterproof case. Cases will vary across manufacturers and phone types so you should be sure to purchase one that does not hinder any of your cell phone functions, especially your camera.

  1. Sunscreen

Because a painful sunburn is a great way to bring your vacation to a sudden stop, sunscreen is another must bring. In fact, whenever you spend time in the sun, you should be sure to wear sunscreen. However, the risk of sunburn increases dramatically when on the water. This is because the sun’s rays from the sky are coupled with the sun’s rays reflecting off the water. Essentially, you double your sun exposure along with the likelihood that you will suffer a red-hot sunburn.

  1. Water bottle

Even though you are touring in the middle of water, there is nothing to drink. Ocean water is harmful to humans, so you must bring a source of water that allows you to stay hydrated as you glide across the ocean’s surface. The most obvious choice is to bring a water bottle. Water bottles come in various sizes, so you can choose the exact size that will suit your needs.

Another option is to bring purified water packs. These are small packs of water that are typically used during emergency situations. However, if you do not want to carry a water bottle, these tiny four-ounce packs of water can slip easily into your pocket or travel pack, allowing your hands to remain free.

The final way to ensure you remain hydrated under the hot sun is to bring a hydration pack. A hydration pack can come in the form of a backpack or waist pack. It contains a water bladder that is typically made of a flexible plastic or rubber and contains your water. The great thing about a hydration pack is that you can bring an ample reservoir of water with you while enjoying hands-free access to your water via a drinking tube.

  1. Travel pack

A travel pack that wraps around your waist allows you easy access to small snacks that you can enjoy as you kayak. Additionally, you can store additional items, such as your cell phone, medications, and your sunscreen.

  1. A friend

Touring with a friend allows you to build memories you can share for a lifetime. However, a friend also allows you to tour the ocean in safety as you have a buddy that you can stay close to.  

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