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11 Things to do in Florida

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Things to do in Florida

Are you still looking for a popular vacation destination with lots of beautiful beaches, amusement parks, caves, and many other attractions? Well, why don’t you try out Florida? This sunshine state has a plethora of options that should definitely satisfy any kind of traveler.

Things to do in Florida

From museums to beaches, this state will certainly leave you with wonderful memories. Therefore, below are some of the amazing things you can to do in this huge state.

1. Visit the Walt Disney World

If you’re looking for the best amusement park experience, you should definitely visit Disney World in Orlando. This mega amusement park receives millions of visitors every year who are eager to experience the magic of Disney. That said, there’re plenty of things to do in this traditional theme park such as visiting the water parks of Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, checking out the Animal Kingdom Park filled with exotic animals, and of course touring the Disney Hollywood Studios. There’re also plenty of shopping areas and restaurants for the best dining experience.

2. Dry Tortugas National Park Tour

Lying 70 miles of Key West, this remote park is a 100-square mile of open water space which includes 7 small islands and is under the management of the National Park Service. However, there’s no fresh water on all the islands, hence the name Dry’ Tortugas. Quickly moving forward, the island hosts the impressive Fort Jefferson – one of the largest American forts built in the 19th century.

In case you’d like to spend the night in the island, there’re various campgrounds or chartered yacht to choose from. You can as well as go diving or snorkeling in the islands’ crystal clear waters. All in all, this park is certainly a top vacation destination.

3. Everglades National Park Tour

Created in 1947, this park is definitely something special. It was created after environmentalists successfully convinced the government to preserve the area because it had special qualities. Smaller only to Yellowstone National Park across the country, this 1.5 million-acre park consists of subtropical swamp and mashes.
In addition, Lake Okechobee is the main source of water in this park filled with amazing wildlife like crocodiles, turtles, otters, and even panthers. Therefore, if you’re looking for the perfect place to go for a boat trip, this wet ecosystem is tailor-made for you.

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4. SUP

For most paddleboarders, the state of Florida is certainly hard to beat. Filled with many islands, beaches, bays, keys, lakes, and inland waterways, this place is waiting to be explored and enjoyed. There’re plenty of spots for beginners, intermediates, and advanced paddlers as well. Popular SUP spots like Florida Panhandle, Coastal Dune Lakes, Marimar Beach, Holme’s Creek, Pensacola Beach, and many others should certainly be at the top of your SUPing agenda.

5. Enjoy a Sunset Celebration

When it comes to spectacular sunsets, Florida sunsets are second to none and you should enjoy it in Florida’s 2 main communities – Clearwater Beach and Key West. Night after night, the crowds here gather before a sunset to celebrate. You’ll get to be part of the festive atmosphere coupled with live bands play and top performances from talented artists. That being said, the main spots to enjoy your Sunset Celebrations are at the Pier 60 in Clearwater or Key West’s Mallory Dock.

6. National Naval Aviation Museum Tour

Hosted by the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, this museum offers hours of rich history with a plethora of things to see, touch, and experience. You’ll get to see the 4000+ artifacts that represent Marine Corps, Coast Guard Aviation, and the Navy. Also on display are the 150+ beautifully restored aircrafts. To make it even better, admission here is completely free as well as the parking. You can watch the eye-catching Blue Angels practice as well as get your autograph signed by the museums pilots on Wednesdays to cap off your tour in style.

7. Visit the SeaWorld Orlando

Similar to the Walt Disney World, the SeaWorld Orlando is also an amusement park where you could spend your family vacation in Florida. In this complex, you’ll get the classic whale and dolphin shows, as well as shows featuring unexpected but charming characters like cats, ducks, sea lions, and otters. In addition, you’ll view the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin’ attraction and other marine life exhibitions. Don’t forget to take part in the thrill rides such as the Mako roller coaster which can reach speeds up to 73 mph.

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8. Visit the Kennedy Space Center

Your trip to Florida isn’t complete without touring the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’. You’ll be left speechless at the sight of the historic space vehicles as well as the many artifacts representing the rich history of space travel. The complex also features a launch simulator and an IMAX movie theater. You can also opt for a bus tour around the Kennedy spaceport. Also, don’t forget to pay your last respects to astronauts who lost their lives while on duty at the Space Mirror Memorial.

9. Universal Studios Tour

Universal Studios in Orlando functions as both a TV studio and a working film and is among the most famous amusement parks in the US. Commonly known as Universal Orlando, the park will treat you to many fantastic rides as well as recreated sets from popular movies and shows. Volcano Bay, the studio’s newest theme park will offer you unbelievable 4D and 3D simulator rides, wet and wild rides, and thrill rides. For younger children, tamer rides are also available.

10. Attend the Daytona 500 race

This is arguably the most important and famous NASCAR Cup Series that kicks of the racing season every February. The race is hosted at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach and is a major attraction for local and international tourists alike. The Daytona international speedway was set up in 1959 because previous races were conducted on the beach’s hard-packed sand. All in all, if you don’t intend to participate in the race, simply exploring the speedway isn’t a bad idea either.

11. Take a walk down Duval Street

Located in Key West islands, Duval Street is well known for its beautifully restored old buildings as well as its Caribbean charm. Taking a simple walk down the street will cost you virtually nothing besides leaving you with a satisfying and memorable experience. There’re many restaurants, shops, and bars that you could spend your money on.

Conclusion: There you have it! When it comes to amazing activities to carry out in Florida, this state is pretty much unbeatable. Simply pick one of the above 11 activities and enjoy your tour.

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