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Determining the Right Compensation After a Slip and Fall Injury in White Plains

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White Plains, NY, is located just 25 miles from Manhattan and considered an inner suburb. It’s a nice place to enjoy outdoor activities like walking, jogging, playing in the park, and more.

It’s quite common to slip and fall when moving about. There could be many reasons for it and many consequences to deal with, especially if you’re older. However, if you’ve been wronged into it, call White Plains Slip and Fall Lawyers to get the compensation and justice you deserve.

Getting the True Compensation You’re Owed

While it might appear that a slip fall might have happened due to your negligence, it is not always the case. Many times, it’s the fault of those in charge of maintaining the environment and equipment. Hence, laws to help just such victims, and White Plains Slip and Fall Lawyers can help you determine and gain the right amount of compensation.

Preliminary Assessment of the Situation

Hospitalization might be needed due to the injuries caused. Your condition might not allow you to assess your situation thoroughly. Your slip and fall lawyer should thus determine what exactly happened, how, and who’s responsible for it.

They must be contacted as soon as possible to give them time to assess the event thoroughly and the related information. The compensation amount will depend on the details of the event. 

Neglecting the Nudges by Insurers

Your insurance provider will be in a hurry to get the situation sorted at the earliest to pay the minimum money possible. It is also possible the other party’s lawyer will try to settle things out of court with your insurer, depriving you of actual compensation. This situation should not be allowed to happen, and it should be your injury lawyer handling it all.

Premises Liability, Negligence, and Reasonability Clause

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The Premises Liability, Negligence, and Reasonability Clauses mandate liability on the part of the building’s owner. The incident occurred if willful negligence is determined on their part in the maintenance of the structure. 

If this negligence can be proven by you/your lawyer, then compensation is guaranteed. If the property is determined to be dangerous or defective, then you’ll be compensated regardless.

Accepted Causes for Slip and Fall Cases

The causes recognized are:

  • Accumulation of slippery substances like Ice and Snow
  • Unchecked spills of oil, water, and other such liquids
  • Defective Stairs
  • Hidden wires and extension cords
  • Loose broken floors, steps, and tiles
  • Insecure Thresholds 
  • Unsecured rugs and carpets

The compensation varies by cause and extent of the injury. You could also get compensated for the pain and suffering you’ve undergone by this if you can prove it. Sometimes, medical and legal fees can be added too.

Comparative Negligence and Statute of Limitations

Under comparative negligence, your compensation will be reduced based on your share of responsibility in the incident. In New York, if it’s above 50%, then you won’t get compensated. 

You even have a time limit of three years from the date of the incident under the Statute of Limitations law to file for compensation, passing which you won’t make a claim. If there’s a delay in knowing your true medical condition from the incident, then the date of the incident can be extended to the date of receiving the report.

A White Plains Slip and Fall Lawyers is your answer to getting served justice and peace via compensation for your tragic incident.

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