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How to take screenshot on Mac: 4 Effective Ways

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how to take screenshot on Mac

There are a million reasons to take a screenshot, also known as a screencap or screengrab, even on a Mac. You can capture an image, a web page, a spreadsheet, a folder, whatever.  Therefore It’s a  that we honestly use dozens of times a day, be it capturing an entire screen or maybe just a window or part of a window. Therefore We have even changed where our screenshots saved on our laptops.


From this article, you will know about how to take screenshot on Mac this year. If you are a MAC user then you are in the right place. Let’s get started. 


Getting know: How to take screenshot on MAC in 2020


It’s quite easy to screenshot your Mac, the full screen, the entire app window, or the specific area you like. Screenshots on Mac are great to report any bug, sharing something on social networks, etc. Best of all, capturing your desktop screen or an app is super simple to do.


In this article, we’ll describe 4 types of processes that will help you to take a screenshot from MAC easily.  


1) First: Screenshot your entire Mac Screen.


  • Open all the applications and windows that you would like to include in your screenshot.


  • Now, just tap on the Command button+ Shift + 3 all at a time.


  • You will now hear a click sound and the final a screenshot saved on your desktop with date and time in PNG format. You can now use this image to share with anyone that would like to.


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2) Second: Take a screenshot of a custom area of your Mac screen


  • It is simple and easy to share a part of the screen with your friends.


  • Arrange the apps as your ways to see them saved. 


  • Just tap on the  Command option + Shift + 4 all at the same time.


  • Now you will see a small crop tool with a pixel count.


  • Click and hold the trackpad then drag it to the part you would like to take a screenshot.


  • Release the hold to save the screenshot on the desktop in png format.


3) Third: Taking a screenshot of a specific app or a window.


  • Therefore Open any application or windows that you would like to take a screenshot.


  • It is good to report any bug of the app that you are using.


  • Just tap on the Command key + Shift + 4 all at the same time. Now the cursor will turn into a crop tool or crosshairs.


  • Now, press Spacebar that will turn the cursor into a camera icon. You will see the selection by moving the cursor.


  • Just make a click to screenshot the app or window to the desktop.


4) Fourth: Desktop tools. 


  • Instead of directly saving the screenshot to desktop, you can even copy to the Mac clipboard. Let me show you how.


  • Just simply tap on the Command key + Shift + Control + 3 all at the same time to screenshot the whole screen to your Clipboard.


  • Then press on the Command key + Shift + Control + 4  same time. 


  • Therefore Spacebar afterward to screenshot a specific window, to your Clipboard.


  • Now go to the document or image editor of your choice and use Control key + v or choose Paste from the menu. 


  • Finally, you can take a better screenshot. 

Capture a specific window

Suppose we do not want to take a screenshot of the entire screen of our Mac. We can also capture a specific window, such as that of our browser or another application. We will have to press  Shift-Command (⌘) -4 and hold down the space bar, moving the cursor to a camera that we can place on the screen we want to capture and press to capture. 

If you don’t like the window shadow generated, you can hold down the Option key when clicking.

In addition to capturing an application window, the same process is also carried out to grab a menu or dialog box. Only by hovering over it will it stand out, indicating that it is possible to capture it. 


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Final word 


Therefore  we are fall in the trap of buying a MAC. If you are a windows user and first time buying a mac then it will be a problem for you. That’s why are trying to solve this matter. In this post we are trying describe about how to take screenshot on Mac. Therefore I hope you will enjoy. If you have any ques. Let me know via comment .


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