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How to change my Gmail password in 2020

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how to change Gmail password

Currently, it is essential to have an email. It helps us for many things, such as registering in an application, having information available to our mobile, and communicating with people through the internet. Hence, it is essential to keep our password private. The most recommended is to change it every so often, to prevent our data from being stolen. It is for this reason that this time we will show you how to change the password of our Gmail in an easy and fast way. It does not matter if you are from a computer or mobile device since here we explain each one in detail. If you are a non-technical person and searching for how to change Gmail password, then you are in the right place. In this article, I’ll cover all about things.


Getting know: The ultimate guidelines about to change Gmail password in 2020

how to change Gmail password

 Here are the two ways to change your Gmail password. They are given below:

Change Gmail password from PC

Here are the following ways that help you to change your Gmail password with any problems.

  • To start, the first thing would be to open our Gmail from the browser, then we go to the upper right where we get an icon in the form of a gear, press it, and we will get a window with more options.


  • Subsequently, we select the third option where it says “configuration” to take us to the settings; we will get a menu with many options.


  • We have to pay attention to the first bar of options, and we go where it says, «Accounts and import,» we click.


  • Within Accounts and imports, the first option will show us, «Change password,» when clicking, it will take us directly to Google to change our data, in this case, our password.


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Google will ask you to verify your data and then enter the new password, this new password entered twice, and then we click on “Change the password” and Done.


Change the Gmail password from mobile.

Here are the following ways that help you to change your Gmail password from your handset or mobile:


  • Just as you can change our password from the browser, we can also do it from our mobile device with the Gmail application; for this, the first thing we must do is open the application.


  • Then, we must open the options menu; we must press in the upper left part of the screen where three lines appear, or we can also drag our finger from the left of the screen towards the center.


  • When it is open, we will drag the menu down to get to the last options, where is the “Settings” tab. Click on this option.


We will get the emails from Gmail affiliated with our mobile, click on the email address that we want to change the password, this will show us another window and select the “Account” option, to manage our Google account.




Final verdict

We know the importance of security. Nowadays we are using Gmail for our needs. Besides using Gmail, we have to know about how to secure your Gmail address. If you were following my article that how to change my Gmail password, then you will be able to secure your account when you feel your account is not secure. If you have more techniques about this topic, then you can comment below or email.


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