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Five Ways Technology Is Making Truck Driving Safer Than Ever Before

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Technology is enhancing our lives in many ways. We can get answers to our questions in an instant by consulting the internet, we can send and receive texts in seconds, and devices can help us complete daily tasks in the home.

It should come as no surprise that technology is making truck driving safer too. Here are just a few ways life for a trucker is made safer by technology.

Cameras Can Eliminate Blind Spots

Blind spots in a car are an annoyance. Blind spots in a truck can be devastating. Technology is changing all that.

Trucks are using modern technology for better visibility with the use of cameras. Just like cars today utilize backup cameras, trucks today use cameras to keep an eye on parts of the trailer that normally couldn’t be seen.

Trucks don’t have to come with the technology either. It’s fairly easy to retrofit existing trucks and trailers with cameras so the driver can keep an eye on every square inch of the vehicle while they’re on the road.

Cameras can be used in other ways too. Many trucks contain forward-facing cameras to protect truckers in the case of an accident. Forward facing cameras can also instill confidence in other drivers on the road that the trucker is accountable behind the wheel.

Dynamic Routing

Planning routes is an important aspect of driving a truck. Each route is planned ahead of time, with alternate routes planned out in advance, just in case. Planning can help truckers avoid difficult roads, road construction, and more.

In the past, routes were planned manually, which doesn’t leave any wiggle room for last-minute changes. Modern technology is changing all that.

Dynamic routing provides truckers with the most up-to-date information about their route, and it can make adjustments in real-time. 

A few ways dynamic routing makes driving easier and safer include:

  • Eliminating unnecessary miles by identifying a quicker route
  • Mapping an alternate route around backed up traffic
  • Adding additional stops to increase route density
  • Providing updates on the changing weather ahead

Ultimately, trucks are getting to their destinations more quickly and more efficiently than ever before. Technology reduces the number of time truckers spend on the road, it cuts down on fuel use, and it makes for happier customers, in addition to enabling truckers to avoid dangerous road conditions by altering their route.

Automatic Braking

Automatic brakes are making cars a lot safer. Even the best drivers can find themselves in a situation where the brakes need to be slammed. A single second can mean the difference between stopping in time and experiencing a collision.

Automatic braking keeps cars from slamming into each other, but it can help trucks too. Collision mitigation technology uses sensors to monitor for possible crashes so it can take action automatically to avoid them. Systems include traditional forward-facing sensors, as well as blind spot sensors to make driving even safer.

Trailer Tracking

GPS systems make finding our way from point A to point B a breeze, but they can do much more than that. They can keep track of important cargo too.

It’s true that trailer tracking technology can make sure a driver is doing what they should behind the wheel, but it can also keep the driver and their cargo safer. GPS systems can locate a truck that was stolen. They can also monitor and alert truckers that unknowingly stop in a high-crime area so they can find a safer place to stop for the night.

Self-Driving Trucks

This list wouldn’t be complete without mention of self-driving trucks. Eventually, trucks will be controlled remotely, eliminating the need for a person to sit in the cabin. It’s the ultimate way to keep truckers and other drivers safe on the road.

However, self-driving trucks aren’t quite there yet. The reality of the road is messy, and programming trucks to deal with issues like pedestrians and road hazards is very difficult.

We’ll get there eventually, but until then, trucks are considered semi-smart. Automatic braking is one example of semi-smart technology in a truck. In addition, technology enables trucks to communicate with other cars on the road, while Bluetooth capabilities allow integration with other devices, like smart technology.

Driving a truck can be hazardous, but as the years tick by, driving gets safer and safer. GPS and automatic braking are just the tip of the iceberg. Truck drivers are safer today than they have ever been before, and they’ll be even safer tomorrow.

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