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7 Incredible Advantages of LED Lights

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LED Lights

Thomas Edison patented the first commercially successful bulb in 1879.

Since then, there has been a slew of types of bulbs that have become increasingly longer lasting and more energy efficient. The best of the best in our modern era are LED lights.

Read on to discover 7 advantages of LED lights for your home or business. 

  1. They Are Built to Last

One of the biggest advantages of LED lighting is that they operate way longer than either halogen or incandescent bulbs.

LED bulbs last anywhere from 35,000 up to 100,000 hours. In other words, these bulbs will last up to 15 years if you use them 6-8 hours a day. 

When people ask why are LED lights better, their long life is the first answer we give. The long life of LEDs means that you won’t be replacing your bulbs for a very long time. 

  1. They Are Energy-Efficient

LEDs are the most energy-efficient lighting option on the market. They have an 80-90% efficiency. This means that between 80 and 90% of their energy is converted into light rather than heat.

To give you a comparison, incandescent bulbs are 20% efficient. So, if you are interested in conserving energy and reducing your footprint, LEDs are the way to go. You can also learn about Solo Energy for ways to live a sustainable life. 

  1. They Have High Brightness 

LED bulbs can emit a very bright light. When you compare the lumen output of bulbs, you will see why LEDs are a great choice.

  1. They Can Handle Extreme Temperatures

If you need to put lighting in rooms that handle extreme heat such as freezer rooms, LEDs are your best bet. In fact, if you live in extreme climates, you should switch to LEDs. 

Other types of bulbs are not reliable in the cold. Yet, you can count on LED bulbs to work properly even when the mercury drops.

  1. They Have a Wide Range of Color Options
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Another one of the best LED light benefits is that you can choose from a variety of colors. 

Unlike other bulbs that need gels or filters to emit different colors, LEDs have a colored diode. This means that the shade will stay the same for the entire lifespan of the bulb without fading.

  1. They Radiate Very Little Heat

Have you ever touched a lightbulb and burned your fingers? While incandescent bulbs heat a filament to product light, LED bulbs turn energy into light instead of heat. This is one of the best advantages of led lights!

The result is a much lower temperature than other types of bulbs. The bit of heat that an LED produces is dissipated by a heat sink.

When you touch an LED bulb it will never feel hot. Also, because of the lack of infrared radiation, you can use LED bulbs safely over artwork without causing fading or heat damage to paint and dye.

  1. They Work Instantly

Other bulbs such as halogens take a few minutes to achieve their best output. Turning them on/off reduces their lifespan.

LED bulbs are bright the moment you flick on the switch. It doesn’t matter how many times you turn them on and off. Their performance is always top-notch, even towards the end of their lifespan.

Use These Advantages of LED Lights

There are plenty of advantages of LED lights that you should consider if you want to start using them. You’ll enjoy brighter light, energy-efficient bulbs, and a more durable option! 

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