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Windows 10 Problems Internet Connection: Fix Network Connection Issues

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windows 10 network issue fix

Are you a new user of Windows 10? Having issues with network connection? Facing internet connection problems after upgrading to windows 10 is common but there are proven ways to fix those issues. It is always recommended to buy Genuine Microsoft windows products as genuine products have some premium features and advantages but if you are using pirated copy then its obvious that you gonna face several problems such as corrupt personal data, illegal shutdowns, crashes etc. People who are using genuine windows OS they always are one step ahead than pirated copy users as Microsoft offers 24×7 online and calling customer support.

Whatever Network issue is one of the most common problems these days. If you are really worried then here is the solution.

How to fix Windows 10 network connection issues?

1. Use the Network troubleshooter:

network troubleshoot

Search Bar > Type Network Troubleshooter > Identify and repair network problems.

If it doesn’t fix and incase you are using wired broadband service or connection, always check if your Ethernet cable is properly plugged-in or not and check your wireless router connection which is a connection to your laptop or pc.

If everything is fine but still you facing network issue then below are the advanced steps from Microsoft official website:


2. Failed To Connect To Wi‑Fi

Connection failure to a WI-FI network is very common so be sure that your wi-fi is turned on or not.

Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Turn on Wi-Fi

If a network you expect to see visible and active in the list, select the network and Connect.

microsoft 1

Make sure laptop’s or desktop’s physical Wi‑Fi switch is turned on. If it’s on then an indicator light will be visible. If the airplane mode is turned on you have to disable it as airplane more blocks all connectivity.

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Start  Start icon button > select Settings > Network & Internet > Airplane mode and turn off airplane mode if it’s on

microsoft 2

Incase you still have connectivity issue and unable to connect to internet then, it is recommended to restart your wi-fi router.

3. Your Wi‑Fi network name is not visible at home?

Make sure that your wi-fi router is set to broadcast the network name that you are expecting.

Sign in with your username and password, then make sure an option labelled Enable SSID Broadcast, Wireless SSID broadcast or something similar is turned on. This setting is often on a Wireless Settings page.

Connect router by an Ethernet cable with your laptop or desktop.

Open (Recommended: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) any web browser that is installed to your device and type the IP address of your wi-fi router. It should be visible on the guidebook or the package of your purchased router or you may contact your router manufacturer. (For example, or

Login with your username and password, then make sure an option labelled “Enable SSID Broadcast”, “Wireless SSID broadcast”, or something similar is turned on and if it does not then turn it on. This setting is often on a “Wireless Settings page”.

4. Internet connection Password Not accepted

If you are unable to connect to your preferred network just because you have forgotten your wi-fi password or you have entered an incorrect password then below are the steps to fix this problem.

Right click on WiFi or network icon > Network and Sharing Center > Change on Adapter Settings

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In the Network Properties window that visible, right click on the WiFi connection > Status >

Now a dialogue box will appear, you have to click on “Wireless Properties > Security Tab

You will find “Show characters” just below the “Wireless Security” option, see the password and keep in mind or save it in a notepad so that you easily retrieve it if you forgot again.

If still, it doesn’t fix then it better to change the password in Router Configuration Page.

  1. Type your router configuration address (for example192.168.1.1) in the browser’s address bar
  2. Under the Wireless option, you can find the SSID option;
  3. There would be an option visible password or passphrase or something similar, change the password and save it.
  4. Done!

If you have tried all of these and still not able to use internet connection then, below are some advanced tips from Microsoft.





If you need to talk to a support agent then please click here to get the Official Microsft Support Phone Number according to countries.

Country/RegionCountry Code PrefixPhone number
India+91(0)80 4010 3000
N/A1 800 11 1100
N/A1 800 102 1100
United Kingdom+44(0)344 800 2400
New ZealandNA0800 800 004
Germany+49(0)180 667 2255
Canada+1877 568 2495
Malaysia+0018006 4276 738
SingaporeNA800 1013659
France NA(0)9 7001 9090
IrelandNA1850 940 940
Italy+3902 3859 1444

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