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What Is a Security Analyst and What Do They Do?

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What Is a Security Analyst and What Do They Do?

The rise of the internet means our society is now more interconnected. Companies rely on sophisticated information systems in order to conduct their business.

But with the advantages of the internet come the disadvantages. One in particular is the vulnerabilities exploited by cybercriminals. For that, you need a security analyst.

Essentially, they’re responsible for making sure a company’s network is secured. Read on to find out the details of their job.

How to Start a Career in Security Analysis

If you want to start a career as a security analyst, having a strong background in computing is a big plus. For instance, you might have a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. This might include subjects like computer science, IT, or programming.

If you have one of these degrees, you might be able to get an entry-level job without any experience. Some employers might prefer that you have a master’s degree as well as a bachelor’s. This could include something such as an MBA in information systems or an NU MSIA.

What Does a Security Analyst Do?

A security analyst will often work for tech companies, financial firms, or consulting firms. They’re responsible for ensuring the security of company files. They protect company assets against unauthorized access, theft, and destruction.

Security analysts are also responsible for ensuring the company’s cybersecurity capabilities are up to standard. For example, they make sure the company’s servers are secure. Since the field of cybersecurity moves at such a fast pace, they need to keep up with all the latest threats and trends.

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For example, ransomware has become popular among cybercriminals in the last few years. A security analyst would make sure the company is taking the necessary precautions to protect against such a threat. In this case, the analyst would need to make sure the company files are being backed up properly.

Security Policies

Not only are security analysts responsible for managing IT systems, but they’re also responsible for developing and implementing company-wide security policies. They make sure everyone in the company is aware of the latest threats too.

For example, a security analyst might be made aware of a recent phishing attack. They’d have to make sure everyone on staff has the necessary skills to identify a phishing threat.

Not only does a security analyst need to have the ability to work with complex computer systems, but they also need to have the necessary social skills to explain security threats in a simple way. That way, the workforce can easily digest technological terms.

How Long Do Security Analysts Work?

As a security analyst, you can expect to work around 40 hours a week. Sometimes, you might need to work longer than 40 hours in order to respond to a specific threat.

This also means you might need to be on call. If there’s a security breach, you’ll need to make yourself available as soon as possible.

Security Analyst: An In-Demand Career

As the world becomes more information-driven, the more security threats there are. Technology just keeps advancing, and that’s led to some skills becoming redundant.

As a security analyst, this works in your favor. Not only will your skills be in high demand, but you can also expect to be paid well. It’s almost certain that there will be increasing amounts of cyber threats in the future.

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Want more help on starting a career in cybersecurity? Here are 3 important tips!

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