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Ways Technology Can Improve Your Recruitment Process

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Whether you are running an outlet with a few employees or a company with a huge workforce, restructuring the recruitment process is the key to success as hiring new talent is an unavoidable part of every successful business. Recruiting these days is more than having a look on resumes and conducting the interviews as there are a lot of things a company or HR department needs to take good care of such as crafting professional looking job descriptions, communication with applicants and follow up, etc.

However, with the latest developments and innovations in the technology like Big Data, AI, machine learning and social media, the way we hire has totally changed. Now candidates have more powers during the job search and a lot of hiring technologies out there that companies and businesses can make use of to hire the right candidates without spending a lot of time, effort and resources.

Below are the ways technology can improve the recruitment process in order to help you attract and hire the top talent.

Less Risk for Bad Matches

In this digital era, the latest recruitment technology lets a business or company shed unqualified resumes and applications without boringly going through each. It reduces the risks of bad matches that later help a business reduce employee turnover. Technologies like Berke Assessment Test and applicant tracking systems help the recruitment department to decide which candidates or applicants are the best fit for open jobs. In this way, a company can save its time and resources by not hiring the bad matches. Resume parsing is a great feature offered by most of the recruitment software that automatically extracts data and information from resumes and enters it into the same format to help the recruiters compare the candidate’s qualifications and avoid those that don’t fit.

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Increased Productivity

Higher productivity is a key element to greater growth. the more quickly a company will be able to complete its tasks, the more it will produce and sell to boost the revenues. Due to the availability of the latest technology various recruitment related tasks and jobs can be done quickly and more effectively. Technology offers automation that cuts the time down it takes to accomplish different tasks such as job description crafting, job advertisements, email management and delegating tasks to different recruitment team members, etc. The use of application tracking systems can save a lot of time to analyze resumes and job applications. A reliable ATS can automatically import resumes to the software to help you confine candidates without sorting through a large number of resumes or job applications. It increases the overall productivity of the hiring department to hire the top talent for vacant positions to keep the business operation run smoothly.

Video Interviews

In this world which is totally digital and interconnected as well, every business organization or company can conveniently tap on the global talent pool when it comes to hiring the fit employees for open positions. Teleconferencing is one of the technologies that totally transform the way we recruit. More and more companies are turning to video interviews to boost their recruitment exercises and to speed up the hiring processes. It provides both the hiring managers and the candidate a new way to exchange useful information and details in real time when it comes to hiring. Video interviews can save the time of recruiters and candidates

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Social Media Recruitment

Everyone is on social media these days. That is the reason, job searching and recruiting workforce on social media increasing day by day. The use of different social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to find the best matches for open jobs is common. In this digital world, such social media platforms are known as the best place for hiring managers to find capable candidates in no time.  Both the companies and job seekers regularly update their profiles with the latest details and information that can be used to make the hiring/applying process easier than ever. According to the reliable stats, almost 94% of recruiters are active on social media platforms to find out the best talents for their companies. However, a company may need to use the right tactics and hiring tools in order to find the right candidates without wasting time and resources.

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