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How to Use CCleaner to speed Up Your PC

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how to use ccleaner

The Windows 10 users who have been facing the slow speed issue, tired of experimenting with every possible way to speed up the system and not succeed yet, don’t worry; here is how you can run faster the windows 10 with using clearer.

First download CCleaner from authorized Source

There are plenty of websites where you can download Ccleaner at no cost but always find approved link since when you download it from the free source, the link provider may add spyware or adware with .exe file so be careful and always look for the trusted downloading link. See we have given screenshot where you can see the trusted downloading link, just type the filehippo-free.co in your browser and download to get the setup .exe without adware or spyware.

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See what’s in the startup menu off Ccleaner

Once you install set up .exe, you will see Ccleaner Icon on the desktop, now double click on the icon and see the same screen as you can observe here in a below image.

ccleaner 1

Hit the startup icon to see what is in there. You can see the list of startup programs which runs as soon as you start the computer or laptop, now straight away stop the unwanted background process.

For example, if you are using only chrome browser then ends the background process of Firefox.  So you also have to disable the background system updating or downloading to boost the startup speed.

You can also check the installed programs list by clicking on uninstall tab, sometimes we cannot see particular application if it is affected by the virus in control panel but here you can also find out the corrupt application so you can remove it easily. You can also make a text file of installed programs to track the record on your system.

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Moreover you will observe tools like file finder, system restore and drive wiper from that the file finder can find out the duplicate file or folder from the entire system for example if you have saved the file or folder with two different names then File finder can find out such file or folder so you can delete the duplicate file or folder and free the system space.

The drive wiper gives two options like free space wiper or full space wiper. If you select full space wiper then it will remove all data so be careful while using it. We recommend this tool to wipe out the free space of windows 10 and If anyone doesn’t recover the disk data by someone then Use full space wiper and see the result.

The application software tends to schedule task like the automatic update so you can set a task as per requirement to stop software update automatically.

How you can utilize the cleaner tab

At first, you can see two tabs named as windows and application, click on windows, and you can see the list of files with white boxes.

ccleaner 2

Let’s decide which files you want to keep in the system, or you can use the analyze tab to find out the unwanted or hardly use data in order then as per the analyzer result select the file and run the cleaner to remove the selected files.

Manage Installed applications through Ccleaner

ccleaner 3

Now click on applications where you can clear the browser history, cookies, download history, and many more things. Here you can also analyze to see which particular applications slow down the windows 10.

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Now you have a clear Idea on use that should be thrown out immediately from the system. These two procedures have to apply once a week to get the better speed but If you want the browser to remember the login name and the password than do not tick mark on Save Password.

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Registry tab to fix the registry files

The registry files are those files which are created by the operating system at the time of installing new applications so even after you delete any application the registry file of the deleted application stays in registry folder.

ccleaner 4

When you hit the registry tab, you can see registry cleaner on your left-hand side, and there is a list of multiple checkboxes. Here you can scan for issues and find out the bug or virus in the registry menu and you can fix the problems or delete missing or unwanted files straight away to improve the performance of a system.

Here many of you may be thinking that is it safer to fix or delete registry files?  And In our opinion, it is ultimately more unharmed to set or delete registry files with, and It also asks for the backup when you complete the full procedure.

So far we find Ccleaner is a very effective system cleaning software that is available completely free for windows. It can make windows 10 running super fast if the users install and use it in a proper manner.

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