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The Different Types of Memory Sticks for Sony Devices

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Spare memory is a necessity in today’s digital age. In order to store as much data as we can, we need storage memory devices. One example is the thumb drive. Thumb drive sizes differ depending on storage capacity, as some of them could go up to 1TB. Yet another example of a memory storage device is Sony’s self-manufactured memory stick.

The memory stick was first launched by Sony in the late 90’s. Since then, the memory stick has undergone many developments and improvements which are better than others. As the memory stick is a storage device, it stores many digital files, such as photos, videos, .iso files, and many more that are supported by Sony devices. The Memory Stick is its own object, as opposed to having different types of SD cards or thumb drives.

Below are the different types of Sony’s memory stick.

Memory Stick (Original)

The first generation of memory sticks, when released at the time, was considered a huge innovation in storage devices. Back then, it goes from 4MB up to 128MB in storage capacity. Sure, it’s very little today, but it was big back then. MagicGate, a file-protection technology also made by Sony, is also available in the original memory stick. Today, the first generation of Memory Sticks are no longer manufactured.

In 2003, the Memory Stick Select was introduced. It’s basically the same Memory Stick, but with an additional 128MB worth of storage capacity which is put in halves. Users can use a physical switch in order to use spare storage.

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Memory Stick Micro (M2)

As the name implies, the M2 is a micro version of the Memory Stick. There’s not much out of the ordinary with the M2, aside from the fact that its storage capacity can go up to 16GB.

Memory Stick XC

The Memory Stick XC is a heavily improved version of the Memory Stick. It combines all of the features of previous memory sticks. It has a storage capacity that can go as high as 2TB, along with a data transfer speed of 60MB/s which is the same as the PRO-HG Duo.

Memory Stick PRO

The Memory Stick PRO is the next in line of the Memory Stick products, like thumb drive sizes, the Memory Stick PRO line of products also differ from each other.

The Memory Stick PRO is the brainchild of the joint effort between Sony and SanDisk. It became apparent that as technology was evolving, storage technology should also evolve, with the Memory Stick PRO being the end result. Unlike the 1st generation Memory Stick, the Memory Stick PRO has 128MB worth of storage capacity without the need of partitions.

The release of the Memory Stick Duo followed not long after, as several Sony gadgets such as the digital camera and PlayStation Portable (PSP) saw the need for a smaller memory card.

A few years later, yet another innovation on the Memory Stick PRO will be released in the form of the Memory Stick PRO Duo. This is quite the best memory stick out of all the others in the series, as the Memory Stick PRO Duo’s storage capacity goes up to 16GB which developed over time. The PRO Duo was commonly used in the PSP, housing many games for users to play.

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The Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo is the other brainchild of Sony and SanDisk, which followed the Memory Stick PRO Duo. Not much else changed when it comes to storage capacity. However, the data transfer rate was very fast and was clocked at 60MB/s. It beat the transfer speed of the Memory Stick Pro by three times.


If you prefer using Sony gadgets, Memory Sticks should be used. As the Memory Stick is Sony-manufactured, it only makes sense for you to use a storage device that is made and would work well with your gadget. As for picking the perfect Memory Stick for you, it’s best to go for the latest versions so that you won’t have any problems at all when you’re using it.

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