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Top Instagram Feed Ideas for Shiny Profile

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Top Instagram Feed Ideas for Shiny Profile

Instagrammers always want to make their feed to stand out. You have to admit that an appealing feed will set you apart from the rest. People respond well to an account that has an aesthetic look. Your profile can open doors for your brand by creating awareness or promoting your business. The culture in this modern era is to liven your Instagram by fashioning the profile to an admirable gateway. Famous influencers have embraced ideas to improve their profiles, and that’s why they have huge followings. You can do the same with the help of services at Hash Tags For Likes, who also recommend the concepts below.

1. More Words Fewer Pictures

Who says you have to be the cliché, posting pictures of day-to-day activities may not be your style. Nonetheless, that should not stop you from coming up with an eye-catching profile. Instagram has made it easier for brands to get their content seen by enabling the use of text in visuals. Although some have denounced this method as ineffective, if done right this is a goldmine. NGO’s, as well as non-profit organizations, use the text by posting inspirational messages to reach intended audiences. This act can also gain your brand public recognition.

2. Creative Fonts and Topography

You too can use captivating fonts in a bid to light up your profile. Having a praiseworthy font will attract potential followers to your feed. Brands can use special fonts to get their messages widespread and help your posts reach an untapped audience. You could start writing touching quotes on your profile that makes people’s hearts to melt. Many have not stumbled upon this feature, but then again, to those who have, they have seen the benefits of using the appropriate fonts.

3. Use of Illustrations

Those who have mastered this art, have fantastic profiles. It takes talent to come up with well thought of illustrations. You should make artwork relevant to your content so that to keep up with brand consistency. These illustrations can summarize the message intended for the audience. They also attract huge ratings from followers as it shows the length you can go to promote your business or brand. The ones with shocking twists tend to gain more popularity with some even becoming trending topics. An example is deriving an illustration that sums up a football campaign.

4. Highlight Your Brand Identity

This focuses majorly on the brand’s personality. For this to pick up, brands should determine the qualities and characteristics that symbolize what it’s all about. This exploit will improve clarity on how you want your profile to look. You can use creative props that get the message home!

Everyone craves for uniqueness in his or her feeds and finding someone with the same style as you can get your blood boiling. Your brand should stand out and attract followers, as they are curious to know what you are all about. Get your brand known

5. Edit Photos with Latest Apps

Using Instagram’s filters is so yesterday. Make your profile glamorous by editing your photos with advanced apps that people mistake you for a model. Followers respond well to pictures with an aesthetic value. Some of the well-known apps are Photoshop and Lightroom.

If you are looking to perfect your photos to be flawless, Facetune will do this for you by improving your hairstyle, improve on your smile as well as whitening of teeth. Although the posts may seem a bit pretentious, in Instagram you can do whatever you want!

6. Write Personal and Inviting Captions

A caption is like a dessert after a well-served meal. The segment enables Instagram users to share their thoughts as well as make their profile more admirable. If you want to come up with amazing captions that will appeal to your audience, then you ought to follow these tips:

Be factual – always stick to this philosophy, as real stories are still a marvel.

Get personal – Never shy away from sharing your thoughts and dreams.

Have a unique writing style – Let your personality come forth and reflect on your messages.

Motivate – Always be positive on your profile as many people will visit your feed and a word or two from your bio can be enough to mend a broken heart.

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