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Top 5 Programmatic Advertising Platforms

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Programmatic Advertising Platforms

Are you looking for the best programmatic advertising platforms out there that can help you optimize your digital marketing efforts? Programmatic advertising allows marketers to automate their digital marketing campaigns helping to streamline these practices.

If you’re trying to make your digital marketing efforts easier, keep reading to find the best programmatic advertising companies that can help you take your marketing strategy to the next level this year.

1. SmartyAds

This is a great advertising agency for anyone looking for app developing needs as well. This program works to run in-app, display, and video ad campaigns for both desktop and mobile devices. SmartAds offers awesome analytics and selective targeting that will help you optimize your ads for the best results.

2. PubMatic

Pubmatic is a great platform option for both publishers and brands. Advertisers have access to high-quality ad content through this platform’s private marketplace. This is a great option for someone who is looking for a platform that offers programmatic ad buying.

Advertisers can manage and plan out ad campaigns across different channels and different formats, and real-time analytics are available to review results. It also includes a fraud-free function that will refund you on any ads that look fraudulent. PubMatic uses RTB advertising technology to make sure publishers can get the highest impression while also scanning ads to make sure security violations are prevented.

3. Double Click

This programmatic advertising tool by Goggle helps advertisers create, manage, and run great ad campaigns using simple and accessible integrations. The DDA option is helpful for advisors who need to manage ads by looking at the entire scope of their digital marketing campaigns. This helps to streamline planning and targeting while also being able to track traffic and interactions.

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4. Digital Remedy

Digital Remedy is a great platform option that allows you access to premium data and inventory while allowing for brand safety. This is a great program for someone worried about data leaks, as the company partners with trusted third-party monitoring services. Digital Remedy is constantly updating its targeting technologies to ensure that you are getting in front of potential customers.

The platform is also extremely transparent, allowing you to examine how every dollar of your ad budget is being used. Their cross channel programs allow you to target the correct audience to optimize your ROI.

5. Rubicon Project

The Rubicon Project uses a new model for programmatic advertising, as it connects buyers with sellers. This helps to streamline the traditional negotiation process by automating requests and proposals. This is a great way to raise brand awareness.

The Top Programmatic Advertising Platforms

Programmatic advertising can be a great way to efficiently streamline your advertising efforts. If you’re interested in using this marketing tool, look into using one of these programmatic advertising platforms.

There are so many options out there for advertisers and publishers alike. Choose one of the above options that best fits your specific digital marketing needs.

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