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10 Essential Tools for the Remote Working Professional

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Remote working might seem like a dream but it can throw up a lot of difficulties. Without being able to walk across the room to talk to a colleague, it’s easy to become out of touch if you don’t use the right tools.

We’re not talking about having a good computer and printer in your location (although you will need those things). We’re talking about software and online tools. With around 70% of people working remotely at least once a week, every remote working professional needs to know the best tools for staying in direct contact with their colleagues.

With these tools in place, you can collaborate, discuss, and manage workflows with ease. You’ll never have to worry about what your team is up to or if they’re going to hit a target. You’ll have all that information at your fingertips.

Keep reading to learn about the best tools to stay connected as a remote worker.

1. Remote Desktop Access

If you’re based in the office but work remotely some of the time, having remote desktop access will remove the obstacle of not having your work computer with you. Remote desktop access also helps if you’re simply away from your office and something comes up that you need to deal with.

No matter what operating system or computer you use, there’s a tool to get access. If you’re looking for a remote desktop for Mac computers, it’s easy to set up. You’ll be able to log into your Mac from another computer or even your phone and access the desktop as if you were there.

Microsoft also offers a remote desktop feature if you work on a Windows machine. There are many third-party apps that can allow you remote access as well, all you need to do is find a reputable app that supports your operating system.

2. Microsoft Teams

If you work remotely a lot with a team, having a platform where you can monitor each other’s workflow is essential. Microsoft Teams is part of the premium Office 360 package and is a comprehensive service.

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Within Microsoft Teams, you can assign tasks, collaborate on projects, and share work from other Microsoft apps. Within Teams, you can also video chat and call, all from the same platform.

3. Trello

We all think and visualize our workload in different ways. That means different remote working tools will suit different people due to their functionality, layout, and features.

Trello is a simple but powerful tool to organize your workflow and work with your team in an online space. With a bulletin board type layout, Trello is visually easy to use and you can create different boards for your projects. Include deadline alerts, assign tasks, and monitor progress easily.

4. Slack

When it comes to communicating with the people you work with, you need it to be both efficient and easy. Enter Slack.

This real-time chat platform allows you to create message boards for your teams and other select groups of people. You can assign each message board a purpose to ensure topics discussed don’t wander into small talk.

Using Slack to communicate with your team means you won’t get endless emails clogging up your inbox with quick questions.

5. Zoom

When it’s time for face-to-face, be it with colleagues or clients, Zoom is an excellent tool to use. This simple platform allows you to video conference without having to fiddle around with tech.

As long as your laptop or desktop computer has a camera and a microphone, you’ll be able to use Zoom with little effort. You can do pre-call checks, record videos, and share recordings easily.

6. Skype

Microsoft’s iconic video calling and conferencing platform, Skype, is commonly used in the business world. Having a Skype account is still essential for you to communicate with clients who like it and you can send documents, payments, and use the chat feature.

7. Basecamp

Like Microsoft Teams, Basecamp makes project management more…well…manageable. Basecamp is filled with functions and features from message boards and to-do lists to calendars and document sharing.

When your entire team is using Basecamp, it’s easy to keep track of everyone’s progress and check on problems. As everything can be stored within Basecamp, you don’t have to go through desktop files, emails or chat messages on different platforms.

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8. Timely

Tracking your time is useful if you’re working remotely from home or anywhere with distractions. We are notoriously bad for predicting how much time we’ll spend on a task and how long we actually took. This is down to a psychological phenomenon called Planning Fallacy.

While it might not matter if it takes you ten or twenty minutes to get to a restaurant, if you’re charging by time spent or trying to be more efficient, it matters a lot.

Timely is a great tool that allows you to record your time and see the time spent on projects and tasks by other colleagues. With analytics and reporting, you can spot time drains and work on your efficiency.

9. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is an easy-to-use collaboration tool that makes it easy to have online meetings and training sessions. TeamViewer allows you to gain remote desktop access to other machines as well, making it ideal for IT and support professionals who need to help others.

10. Asana

Like Basecamp, Asana is an all-round project managing software that allows you to keep track of all your tasks in one place.

With features to track projects, hiring and communication, everything you need is right there in front of you. You’ll be able to assign tasks to others or see which tasks are assigned to you and monitor progress through them.

With streamlining this simple, you can watch your efficiency and that of your colleagues shoot up.

The Best Tools for a Remote Working Professional Who Wants to Stay Connected

Remote working has transformed the business world. These days, you might have colleagues anywhere in the country or world. As a remote working professional, you need to ensure that you remain connected to your colleagues, stay on top of projects, and organize your time.

By using these fantastic tools, you can manage your workflow and collaborate with others more easily than if you were in a room together. With such flexibility and modern features, remote working tools have become the go-to system for companies around the globe.

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