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How to Stream Live Television Without Paying for Cable?

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How to Stream Live Television Without Paying for Cable

There has been a rise in the number of people who are taking the route of cutting the cord and instead of moving on to other modes of watching their favorite shows and movies. Cutting the cord does not mean an end to watching live shows or programs.

There are a lot of ways in which you can still have access to live television after cutting the cable or satellite subscription. There are various online streaming services that provide live television access to viewers.

However, each of them offers varied packages, you would need to make the right choice in terms of which channel you would more interested in.

PlayStation Vue:

This one of the best streaming services for a family who prefer to sit together and enjoy live shows and programs. Just for $40 per month, PlayStation Vue has a lot to offer its audience.

There are a lot of local channels which are part of the package. Also, you can stream on up to 5 devices simultaneously hence there is no worry if each member in the family is picky when it comes to their favorite shows.

Due to the unlimited DVR storage offered by Playstation Vue, it would allow you to watch and re-watch the best of your shows.

It can be viewed on any device; there is no need for you to get a Playstation for it. Hence subscribe to the package and enjoy live content even with the option of recording the live content to be watched later.

Youtube TV:

Youtube TV has become a popular mode of watching live shows and content. With its effortless tuning, this has become one of the favorites among the mass audience.

There are plenty of sports and local channels which are made available on this platform. You would need to pay a subscription charge to get access to Youtube TV.

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It is one of the great apps that can be downloaded on your tablet and smartphone as well. The search function is also excellent hence it means that you do not need to remember which channel you were watching last.

Major Network Apps:

Most of the major network broadcasters have their own app as well. Most of these apps are available free of cost. These apps from the major networks are not the same as the apps which are offered from the local stations.

In these apps, you can get access to programming’s that are present on that particular network in addition to the live TV shows as well which are normally aired on the affiliated local channel.

Few of the apps that are from the top networks include, CBS All Access, PBS Video, Fox Now, The NBC TV, CW and Fox Now. Few of these would be paid subscription whereas few others would be available absolutely free of cost.

Sling TV:

Sling TV is considered as one of the best cable TV alternatives when it comes to watching live shows. It has quickly taken over the other streaming services and has become one of the favorites among the cord cutters.

Sling TV is kind of similar to your cable or satellite TV service provider. It can be used for watching most of the local channels including ABC, Fox, and NBC. You can also watch your favorite live TV shows.

There are three different packages offered by Sling TV. The Sling Orange is for $20 per month, Sling Blue is for $25 per month and a combination pack of Sling Blue and Sling Orange is for $40 per month.

Getting access to each of the package would provide you tons of channels. If you need any additional channel, then you would need to pay an additional $5 per month. You can also sign up for a free 7-day trial pack before you subscribe to any of their packages.

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Highline TV antenna:

The TV antennas have also become a rage across the world wherein people are choosing the best of the antenna and installing it for watching their favorite channels. TV antenna provides you access to all of your local channels.

These would include some of the major broadcast networks such as ABC, CW, Fox, PBS, NBC and many more. You can get access to more than dozens of channels.

However, to get the best of signal reception, you would need to consider certain factors such as distance from the broadcasting tower, any interference or obstacles in between that can impact the signal and the placement of the TV antenna.

But there are websites such as TVFool.com and Antennaweb.org which assist the consumers on the type of antenna that would be suitable for them based on their area.

TV antennas provide access to live shows and also most of the popular shows that are aired on the major broadcast networks.

Fubo TV:

Fubo TV is also another method of watching live TV programs. There are some interesting and best channels offered by Fubo TV wherein you can not only watch live shows but it also provides on-demand TV shows, movies, sports and many more.

There are also local channels such as Fox, CBS, and NBC. It also has a sports package for all of the sports enthusiasts which includes top sports channels such as NBCSN, FS2, FS1, and BTN. It also has the ability to record TV shows for a period of 3 days.

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