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Specialized Hardware Store Equipment

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Hardware stores used to be the backbone of communities, but with large superstores containing much of the same equipment, competition has become fiercer. Hardware store owners would do well to consider adding some of the following equipment to their shop to improve their business.

Paint Filling Machine

A paint filling machine, sometimes called a pail filling machine, makes a great addition to any hardware store. Investing in a paint filling machine gives a hardware store a whole new product to sell! These machines can be calibrated to disperse based on weight or volume. This makes these machines great for both small and large pails of paint.

Key Cutting Machine

Another great machine to invest in is a key cutter, sometimes called a key duplicator. These machines do exactly what their name implies; they make copies of keys. For this service, customers may pay for both a base key and the cost of getting the new key cut. However, most hardware stores are likely to only charge for the key.

When buying a key cutting machine, it’s best not to be skimpy. Some key cutting machines are top-notch, while others may make faulty keys that don’t actually work in the lock. For this reason, it’s best to invest in the best if you want the best results.

Tube and Pipe Cutting Machine

Tube and pipe cutting machines do exactly what their name implies. Having this machine in a shop can be helpful because it helps customers to get the exact length of tubing or piping that they need. Customers may be more likely to buy from your shop if they knew they can get exactly what they are looking for, rather than needing to try to cut the pipe or tube themselves.

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These three machines can help to improve any hardware shop’s business. they may have a large upfront cost, but they work to pay themselves off over time.

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