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How White Label Affiliate Program Helps To Develop Your Business

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Any business partnership is always individual and has its prerequisites. Someone is trying to find new channels and ways to develop his brand, the others seek for successful integration to save their business.

White Label is a concept that assumes that one company can produce a product or service, and the second one can sell it on its own behalf.

Let’s talk about the white label affiliate program, define the reasons why so many businesses are using it, and what online business projects will benefit from it the most.

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1. White Label is a mutually beneficial solution

White Label is a collaboration model of several companies.

Using the White Label affiliate program, you can sell your products and/or services of other companies under the famous brand name. Today, this scheme of collaboration is often used by companies with huge customer bases and a famous brand. In other cases, this scheme may work less efficiently.

2. Why so many businesses use White Label affiliate programs?

Everyone company has its reasons for doing that. In general, they are as follows:

  • The business lacks a sufficient marketing budget, but it has a product that is interesting to potential partners.
  • The company does have a sufficient marketing budget and time to promote the product, but the sales potential is exhausted. In this case, such a partnership is a new hope, which does not change the business direction, but flawlessly complements and develops the business.
  • The business needs to enter a new market and beat competitors. Partners create new opportunities for reaching a new audience.
  • The firm’s team consists of developers and there is no one to engage in marketing and sales.

 3. What websites benefit from White Label solutions the most?

The White Label partnership program works best on large sites with good traffic. Of course, this works only if the offer is correctly placed on the website. If the offer is located somewhere in the footer or there’s no link to it on the main page, neither search engines nor users will see it and will not be able to use it. 

The best option is to create an individual website section for a White Label offer. But anyway, the developer of the White Label solution takes responsibility for most of the optimization tasks.

Not only information portals, but also forums and online services are suitable for displaying White Label offers. The main thing is that the target audience of the website is wide enough, as well as its subject. So the users wouldn’t be confused when they will see it.

4. What are the benefits of White Label for partners?

Each company that offers the White Label partnership has its conditions. For example, Weblium site builder offers a White Label affiliate program with a bunch of benefits like personal domain name, access to over 150 pre-designed templates for different niches, partner manager support, discounts, an unlimited number of clients and so on.

In most cases, White Label has the following benefits:

  •      Additional way to monetize the website. To some extent, you can call it «passive earnings»: you can earn income without changing anything in your website’s scheme and the current processes, without special investments of time and energy.
  •      SEO. The offer will add weight to the site for search engines: a strong site domain with good traffic, combined with offers from popular brands gives a cumulative effect and attracts users – not only the old customers but also the new traffic from search engines.
  • Unlike banners, the White Label offer doesn’t disturb visitors, as well as it doesn’t require much space. A page with affiliate links (discount coupons, storefronts, or cashback offers) is a full-fledged website section, and the page itself is a promotional creative.
  •     It won’t be blocked. The users who have ad blocker installed won’t see the banners with ads, so their effectiveness won’t be that high. But the affiliate links won’t be blocked and you will get your reward.
  •      It’s faster to launch than a special project. We do not argue: special projects are beautiful, creative, have good conversion efficiency and, in most cases, very profitable. But it takes a lot of time to launch them, and the project itself is a temporary solution: it reaches its goal only once. In turn, the affiliate link will «work» for a very long time, requiring only a small investment to maintain it.
  •      Ready and useful content. You do not need to spend time preparing content, because it is ready. All you need is to keep it up to date (i.e. to update feeds).

It is believed that the main disadvantage of White Label is that the partner, selling the product under his own brand loses the focus on his brand. 

Since you can quickly get profits, this sounds tempting for the short term. But in case of a long interaction, your brand may simply stop developing.

But if this flaw of the White Label would prevail over all the advantages of the model, so many companies would hardly use it, and White Label cooperation would not become so popular. 

The successful experience is proved both by companies that are just starting to implement a non-branded partnership system, or that have already felt the benefits of working with White Label.


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