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Quotation software: how to choose

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Quotations are an important part of providing a service; when you’re in discussions with a potential client, being able to give an accurate estimate of cost is key. There are many different ways to achieve this but using quotation software is the best.

Quotation software such as Quikflw enables you to keep track of what you’ve offered, ensure consistency as well as producing clear and professional-looking quotes. But how do you decide which system to use? Here are a few factors which you should consider.

Remote access

Making the most of a hot lead means being able to produce the necessary information at the opportune moment. If your customer has to wait for you to return to the office and laboriously calculate a quote, you could find that the sale is lost. Conversely, if you’re able to produce all that your client needs right away, you’ll instantly be one step ahead of the competition.

Depending on your industry, you may have customers who visit your premises but you probably also speak to people out in the field. Having the facility to access your quotation software while on the go is integral to success.

There are many software packages such as Quikflw which recognise the importance of providing a rapid response and are compatible with being used remotely.

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Combines with existing systems

Having to enter the information for each customer in full each time you want to produce a quote can be time-consuming and frustrating. If you’re working in the field, having a long-winded quotation process could even lose the sale.

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Look for quotation software that enables existing information to be pre-populated, saving you from having to constantly retype basic details that your systems already hold. This type of tool that can dovetail into your systems will deliver maximum efficiencies and real cost savings.

Effective pipeline management

Being able to produce quotes speedily for customers means you could have a large number of cases at various points in the process. If you can’t accurately manage your pipeline you could miss opportunities to convert quotations into live business. An efficient quotation system will flag cases up when action is required as well as sending out automatic reminders.

Knowing how many cases you have in your pipeline is essential for accurate forecasting and for ascertaining whether you’re on track to meet targets. Other factors such as the ageing and value of pipeline cases can be extremely revealing too.

Having a tool that can quickly produce information as and when you need it is an enormous benefit to anyone working in sales management.

Professional appearance

The practical advantages a good quotation system can provide should be matched by a sleek appearance. Anyone can quickly knock up a few calculations in Excel but it won’t look like a professional document that’s befitting of your business.

A quotation system such as Quikflw can create a front page and allow images to be added for any relevant products and services, creating a polished document which reflects well on your business.

When you’re investing in a quotation system, you’ll want one that is capable of producing quotes in the form that you want which can be completely customised to carry the branding of your business.

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Finding the best solution 

A good quotation system should be able to deliver all the above and much more. The investment can be easily recouped via both the increase in efficiencies and the improved rate of conversions following a more effective pipeline management. To find out more about how a top-quality quotation system could work for you, check out www.quikflw.com today.

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