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3 Reasons You Need Landlord Software

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3 Reasons You Need Landlord Software

As a landlord, you know just how complicated leasing a unit can be. You have paperwork, constant communication, and ongoing maintenance. With all of the moving parts, it can be a lot to handle for a single tenant. If you’re managing multiple properties or units, it gets that much more complex. Luckily, landlord software is giving its all to smooth out some of the common bumps and kinks that come with owning a rental property. Here’s why you need it. 

Streamline the application process

You’ve seen it before: You have a listing go live and, within hours, you’re inundated with tour requests. Once you’ve escorted a few hopeful tenants, the applications start to come in. Pages upon pages of paper clutter your desk and your filing cabinet looks like it could burst at any moment. You need to find a smarter way to handle the application process, right? That’s where landlord software comes in. 

Instead of manually collecting, sorting, and processing stacks of paper applications, landlord software offers electronic applications. These are superior for several reasons. First, they’re faster. It’s much easier for tenants to fill out an online form than it is for them to pick up an application, complete it, and return it. Second, it can help you find a qualified tenant faster. You can screen out certain things in the online application and flag any applications that don’t meet your standards. Plus, because it’s faster, it also means that you’re liable to receive more applications more quickly so you’ll have a larger pool to choose from. Finally, digital applications make storage a breeze. Instead of relying on physical storage to handle stacks of applications and manually shredding the sensitive information of tenants who aren’t offered a lease, online storage makes sorting through tenant data a snap. 

A communication portal

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Have you ever had a tenant call you at the worst possible time? If you’re lucky, it’s something that could wait a bit, but if it’s an emergency, you’ll have to drop everything and find a quick resolution. With landlord software, tenants are able to put in maintenance requests, send customer service queries, and digitally communicate without your needing to give out any personal information. It puts a bit of professional distance between you and your tenants and helps set respectful, sensible boundaries. 

Plus, it allows you to see the ongoing status of any in-process requests. Any that haven’t been addressed in a timely manner can then be reprioritized. Less urgent matters, such as a dripping faucet, can be shuffled around to accommodate any emergency requests such as property damages, security issues, and more. It’s certainly far simpler than managing a spreadsheet and organizing everything by hand. 

Remote management

Ever feel like you’re being dragged in a dozen different directions at once? Even if you’re a full-time landlord, you probably have dozens of obligations going on simultaneously. Sometimes, you simply can’t be around the unit at all times. With multiple tenants, their overlapping needs mean you have to do some prioritizing. Landlord software helps remove some of the added stress by allowing for remote management

That means whether you’re on vacation or merely across town, you aren’t neglecting any of your tenants. You’re able to manage leads, applications, and leases even while you’re on the go which can save you a whole lot of time. 

Landlord software is a great tool for any landlord to have in their kit. It makes the entire landlording process that much smoother and streamlines some frequently mundane and time-consuming tasks. It’s a great choice for any landlord looking to step up their game. 

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