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Smart Scale Buying Guide – Top Body Fat Percentage Scales Technology

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There was a time when you were entirely dependent on your bathroom scale to tell you whether the previous night’s pizza was a bit too much in terms of your waistline. Thankfully, in this technologically advanced times, there are higher and far more advanced scales that tell you your body weight along with various other crucial health data. One such scale is the smart scale. It has become a part of the fitness tracking regime of the modern era. It comes packed with several features that help you keep a close eye on your weight and also get some boost in terms of your overall health and wellbeing missions.

Points To Ponder Before Choosing the Best Smart Scale

Choosing any smart scale from the market may not be a good idea. There are several varieties out there and there are also different manufacturers of these devices. You have to ensure that the scale you choose is not just a stylish piece of equipment but also a good value for money. Here are some points to ponder while searching for the best smart scale.

  • Brand of The Device: As mentioned above, there are several manufacturers of smart scales in the market. However, it will be a good idea to choose a reputed and reliable brand when you shop for such a scale. This will ensure that you not just buy a well-branded product but you also enjoy peace of mind when it comes to the performance.
  • User Reviews: Buying any smart scale blindly may not prove to be a good idea all the time. It will be better if you could go through the user reviews of a few chosen models. This will give you an idea as to which models are indeed good and which ones to avoid.
  • User Friendliness: When it comes to using a smart scale, it has to be user-friendly in order to allow users to use it all the time. Being user-friendly will also mean that any person can use it. Better check whether your chosen model is easy to use or you need to look for something else.
  • Price: Different smart scales come with different price tags. The one you choose for yourself should fit within your budget and also prove to be a good value for money.
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Features To Look For In Your Smart Scale

Different smart scales come with different features. Before you even decide to buy such a device for yourself, it is always a good idea to find out about these features and understand which features you need in your device. Some of the common features of a smart scale have been discussed below.

  • Biometrics: Smart scales can tell you a lot about your overall body and health apart from your normal body weight. What type of data you wish to get from your scale, will depend on what you actually wish to track with the help of your smart scale. This feature will tell you your weight, height, BMI, and heart rate.
  • Connectivity: If you wish to get consistent and accurate data from your scale, it needs to have either a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. It is also important to ensure that the range of this connectivity is reasonable for you. This feature will allow you to connect your smartphone or laptop with your scale and transfer all the data.
  • Level of Accuracy: It is obvious that you wish to get a smart scale and not an ordinary and old fashioned bathroom scale for yourself in order to get accurate data about your body and health. This will also let you work on the progress level of your fitness consistently. It will be a good thing to choose a scale that comes with a good level of accuracy and it should be within a couple of pounds.
  • Display: It is a good idea to opt for a smart scale that comes with a clear and easy to read LCD display. This will not put your eyes under any pressure when you try to read the data. Some of the high range models also come with LED display.
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Choose One With Bluetooth Or Wi-Fi Connectivity?

You have the privilege of choosing either a smart scale that comes with Bluetooth connectivity or is Wi-Fi enabled. The latter will normally come with a heavier price tag. Those with Bluetooth connectivity provide all or most of the data tracking and functionality of Wi-Fi enabled scales. However, you need to keep your Bluetooth device, such as your smartphone, within range all the time. On the other hand, Wi-Fi enabled accurately sync data using the Wi-Fi router.



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