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Simple Tips To Download YouTuble Videos

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Do you know how to download YouTube videos? Believe it or not, it’s easier than you think. But, if you have no idea where to start, do not worry, we are here to be your technological guide. Discover how to store a music video. In general, it is legal to share and insert YouTube videos on the Internet. But it is not always possible to download them for offline use. The downloading of videos is a violation of the YouTube Terms of Service. Unless YouTube has given permission to download the video in question.

That’s why there are times when you want to download a YouTube video. Then the question arises. What is the best platform to download YouTube videos? Luckily, there are quite awesome options to choose from. We have many programs available that help us. But not only programs. There are also extensions and web pages that follow the same service.

What is the best option then? There really is not one that is better than another. The best thing is to find one that is comfortable for you and with which you manage well. It can already be a program or an extension. The option of the website may be the simplest of all, but the truth is that all of them give good results. We present the different ways to download videos from YouTube.

Software to download YouTube videos or audio

There are many programs that allow us to download videos from the popular website. In general, they usually have the same characteristics. There is always some small detail that makes them different. Some programs may offer support for 4K videos and others may not. We leave you with some of the most useful programs to download YouTube videos. Do you know any of them?

VDownloader: One of the most popular programs for users. It offers many more services apart from downloading videos. You can convert them to other formats with a proper youtube converter, also download videos in 4K. Or also save only the audio. It is a very complete option, which works very well and which gives you many options. The only thing is that it is only available for Windows.

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YouTube Downloader HD: It only serves to download videos from YouTube. But at least it lets you download videos in high definition. So you can get the highest quality version of the video you want to download. It is a good option and works for both Windows and Mac.

Freemake Video Downloader: Another good option to take into account, although again only for Windows users. It lets you download videos and also convert them to other formats. It also gives you the option to download 4K videos. A complete and simple option to use.

Extensions To Download YouTube Videos

Another very useful option to download YouTube videos is to use extensions. They are another simple and useful way to get the same service. The main problem is that you can only find them in Firefox. Google does not allow extensions in Chrome that let you download videos from YouTube. What extensions are there?

Video DownloadHelper: It is an extension that allows you to download videos from any website. Supports various formats, so it is a fairly complete option. Also, it is really easy to use. With a couple of clicks, you already have the video you want on your hard drive.

Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express: It is the best option to download HD videos on YouTube. It again supports various video formats and is very easy to use. If you are looking to download videos in high quality, it is the best option among the extensions.

Web Pages To Download YouTube Videos

Programs and extensions are not the only options to download YouTube videos. There are also some web pages that can give us the same service. They are a very fast option to download a video, also very comfortable. Although in general, they offer you fewer configuration options (formats, quality). But if you are looking for a quick and uncomplicated method, it is really the option to consider. There are several web pages that can be interesting. We leave you with them:

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YouTube TubeMate: You can use the YouTube TubeMate- Downloader and converter tool. It’s an interesting option. It allows us to download YouTube videos, both videos, and audio. It works in a similar way to the previous one, just paste the URL of the video that we want to download. It lets you select different formats and levels of video quality. It is easy to use and is probably the most complete of all the websites to download videos.

It’s clean and fast, and you will not have to click on pages that generate pop-ups or other intrusive ads. It is also great to convert YouTube videos to MP3.

Peggo: It is a website that allows us to download the YouTube audio. Only the audio, that can be its main limitation. But if we seek to download only the sound is ideal. It lets you download in various formats, both audio and video. Simply paste the link of the video you want to download and you’re done. You select the desired format and the download will be made. Very simple and comfortable.


As you can see there are many options to consider if we are looking to download YouTube videos. The programs are in general. The most complete option since they allow you to make enough configuration adjustments in terms of format and quality. They also let you download videos in 4K. But if you are looking for simple options, both extensions and web pages are an option that works correctly. Which of these do you use to download videos?

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