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8 Features of an Ideal Sales Tracking Software

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In the world of business, everyone wants to stay ahead of its competitors. However, today’s competitive marketing has made it cumbersome for businesses to retain customers for a longer period of time. Fortunately, Sales Management or Tracking Software is there to help in expanding one’s business by generating efficient sales. The software has the ability to streamline the entire sales process. From offering information about the clients’ needs and concerns to maintaining the efficiency of the sales team, there are dozens of benefits of using sales management software.

So, if you are still relying on the traditional methods of running your sales team, it’s high time to opt for apt sales management software. There are some basic features you should look for before purchasing one for your business:

User- friendly Interface: Purchase software that has a proper layout and allows for easy navigation. User-friendly software will help your employees access it with the least hassles and maximum benefits.

Dashboard: This feature helps merge data arriving from multiple sources in a meaningful way. This, in turn, generates patterns trends and other market insights. There are many software systems that offer more advanced features such as tracking lead data from third parties.

Efficient & Less Risky: Today, many businesses are using sales tracking software that is less risky and more efficient.  Such software will carry out all the business tasks efficiently such as tracking customer payments and debts, prepare customized reports, view customer interactions, eliminate paperwork, perform detailed analysis and so on.

Contact Management: A coherent contact management system is required in every business sales department to make interactions with people easy. In such a system, clients’ data including their contact number, demographic details, address etc. is structured and kept in a centralized location from where it can be retrieved in no time.

Compatibility & Integration: Go for a sales management software that allows accessing information from various handheld devices anytime and anywhere. The software should also be such that it makes integration with ERP and accounting software systems easy and hassle-free.

Campaign Management: This includes setting up target customers, managing their work processes and measuring success on predefined metrics. Some sub-features of Campaign Management are:

  • Social Media Management: It tracks online activities of the clients such as their comments, feedback and reviews, shares and likes and dislikes. By tracking all their social media movements, you can make changes in your services/products accordingly and generate more sales.
  • Email Management: It helps track opened emails and works with all the popular email clients like Outlook, Gmail and MailChimp.

Sales Order Management: A ‘good’ sales management software is the one that keeps tracks of all the activities, right from the first interaction with the customer to the time he places the order. It also ensures your products/services reach your clients on time irrespective of their physical location. In other words, the software should be capable of doing core functionality such as sales order management, warehouse management, inventory management, accounting and reporting, and delivery management.  

Also, multicenter organizations should also look for the lead distribution feature in their sales management software. It’s very crucial for such businesses to manage a few things so as to avoid errors and increase efficiency. These are:

  • Centralized Lead Management: Have a centralized lead management software system that takes care of authorization and restricts users from accessing confidential information.
  • Distribution of Lead: Employ software that allows for automatic distribution of leads to targeted centers and sales team, using lead attributes. This evades manual errors and makes the experience better for all your potential clients.
  • Different Analytics for Multiple centers: Have sales management software that allows the generation of analytics reports for different centers. Businesses can view these reports to check if the centers are getting proper ROI. This will also allow them to look out for the best and worst performing centers and take future actions accordingly.

Opportunity Management: Opportunity Management feature of a sales management software feature allows you to acquire a complete view of your sales team’s processes. This enables viewing of all stages, products, quotes, competition and more hassle-free.


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To conclude in a nutshell, get to your business and its needs and then look out for a sales management software that you think is ideal for your organization. Choose a vendor that offers the apt software system at a good price with all the basic and advanced features. Getting good sales software can decrease the burden of manual work and make team coordination more efficient.

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